Guiltless Promoting

Well hello there!  Yes I am here and I’ve been neglecting you…kind of.  I really felt knocked down after my friend disowned me, but we emailed back and forth and I think it’s worked out for the most part.  We may never be exactly the same, but we’re ok.

Part of  the reason I haven’t posted anything Naughty the past week is because I did a guest post on According to Jewels other site,  Naughty Nothings called A Stranger Gift that I wanted you to read.  Go check it out! I think it was a good one, but I don’t know unless you tell us.

In other Guiltless news, I was turned onto yet another wonderful bloggess.  Check Miss Kat out here > Kat O’ Nine Tails   Not only is she a cool chick, but she has put out an awesome shirt for us sexual deviants.  Check out her Writes Like A Slut shirt!  It gets me excited, literally! I actually HAD to put a bra on for this freakin photo because i had such a titty hard on!

I’ve been working on my blog site the past couple nights trying to get more organized, working on the Guiltless Face Book Page, and trying to wrap my Girl Brain around Twitter.  The FB Page I can access from my personal account so it seems easier for me to post stuff up on than the Guiltless Miss (as a person page) where you can actually be my friend Awww. I mean…essentially they are the same, but I can have friends on one.  I will figure it out eventually, but seems the page is easier for me to deal with so far.  Sigh!!!

I’m really not technically inclined…oh OK I have no patience.  I literally sat there for hours last night trying to figure out how to put tabs on the blog.  The instructions were on the very first help page I looked at, but because I didn’t read the boring instructions all the way through, I ended up googling forever until I was frustrated and looked back at the original instructions.  Yep. Girl Brain!

Well let’s wrap this rambling up with some new Guiltless search terms.  These are terms people use and hit on my blog.  Today I picked out three:

How to Kill a Sad Panda: Goodness.  You don’t kill the Panda! You kill the sadness.  Give that Panda a hug…or shoots and leaves 🙂

Freckles on Bald Head: I suppose the fact that I am freckley and I love bald guys made this work.  I only hope this person was referring to the upper head!

My Little Fuck Doll: Mmmm yes? How may I serve you? Call me Kitten and I may be yours for life…IF you say it just right Mwahahahahah!!!

I’m out! Have a great ever everyone!

4 thoughts on “Guiltless Promoting

  1. It’s so nice to be ion the receiving end of the pimp game! Thank you, dear! The hits on your post are through the freaking roof! So, unless you check it 40 times a day, people are reading but just too shy to comment. 😉 I know that Kat and I are THRILLED and very PROUD to have you in the “writes like a slut” crew! And, DAMN GIRL, those are some fabulous titties.

    1. Nothing wrong with pimpin’ out mah girls! I mean you and Kat not the “fabulous titties” HA! Thank you, btw. I have been afraid to go over to look at the comments hehe. Shy I guess. I left a comment the one day, but not sure if there has been any since. Glad it’s getting a lot of hits!

  2. that line doesn’t make sense
    “writes like a…”

    do they write? wouldn’t it be a waste of time…
    kidding 🙂

  3. I’m catching up (slowly) on comments that I wanted to leave, so just wanted to say how much you pimpin’ and support means to my, my dear.~ =)

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