14. Some Insight

Tick tick tick tick Tick tick DING!

Fine.  I’ll get up.  Guess I should see what the damn typewriter wrote the first time, too.  Maybe there’s a clue to who my roommate is.

“Guess What” line one says… like I’m in the mood for guessing games.

“I’m not a prisoner, not a roommate.  I’m your KEEPER!”

What the hell is this.  Keeper.  More like my KIDNAPPER!!!  So what you’re saying is the shadow of a chick I just saw run by is you, and you are my captor?

Tick Tick Tick


That means you are here with me and you are doing this to me from here. Why don’t you come out, let’s have a talk about what I need to do to get out of this little situation you have put me in.  I won’t even press charges.  Just let me go back to my life…well as much of my life as I can with one arm and burn marks all over.

Tick tick tick tick Tick tick DING! Tick tick tick tick Tick tick DING! Tick tick tick tick Tick tick DING!

Great.  I must have pissed someone off.  Just what I need.

“When you realize that your life is with me, I can let you out of the dreams and nightmares.  Until then, just sleep.  I will slow the doses so we can talk.”

Doses?  With you?  WAIT, WHAT?!  You have been drugging me?!  With what?  Come back here!  Talk to me! What do you mean my life is with you?! who the FUCK are you?!

I reach for the stinging I feel at the back of my neck.  Things are getting dark.  Damn it.