Good Morning

Happy Naughty Saturday Readers!  Hope you had a lovely holiday.  Here’s a little something to warm you up…Good Morning 😉

Rolling towards you I put my leg between yours, I want to feel your body heat, feel you breathe.  I softly kiss your ear and neck running my fingers lightly across your shoulders, down your chest,  to your cock.  I stroke it gently as I place tender kisses on your forehead, nose, lips, neck.  I want to be quiet…calm…I want you to wake up slow.  You open your eyes slightly, I know that look…  I might be in trouble but I try to contain myself.  

I whisper so softtly in your ear, tell you good morning and then I am silent.  Too many words in the morning would not make for a peaceful start to the day.  I can feel the energy in the air…I know I am in trouble now and my heart races.  I begin nibbling my way from your neck down your chest when you grab my wrist.  Damn.  You pull me up towards you grabbing my other wrist.  I’m now straddling you and you have me restrained with one hand.  You tell me to move forward, you pin my wrists to my hips bringing me on top of you so my pussy is above your face.  Oh I know you’re going to make me be still and it’s so hard for me but I have to be good.  

You start lapping at my clit and I let out a little moan.  You remind me to be quiet for now, but I can’t help but let little sounds out…it’s hard enough to be still…it’s hard enough to be good.  You nibble and bite at my clit, my inner thighs, teasing me, holding me tighter so I stay in place.  You put your tongue in my pussy making me quiver, making me want more.  I want to feel more than your tongue inside of me…please???

You sit up, laying me back, putting my legs on your shoulders. My ass is off the bed and you’re holding me still, holding me in place as your tongue forges deeper inside of me, your bites and nibbles become more agressive, I don’t want to cum yet!!!  I reach for your cock and you switch positions pinning me down…you’re fully on top of me pinning my wrists above my head with one hand, teasing me with your cock between my legs.  I want to hate you for having so much control, but I can’t I want you so bad.  I try to move closer to you so you will give it to me but I can’t.  Please baby, please fuck me with your cock…I need to feel it inside of me, I need to feel it throbbing, I need to feel you cum deep inside of me filling me with your heat.  You make me be quiet and still…you hold me there until my breathing calms and my heart stops racing…it’s so hard to be calm when I can feel you throbbing against my clit.  

I close my eyes for just a second to try to still my thoughts and just then you thrust your big, throbbing cock deep inside of me.  I let out a scream and you silence me with your mouth kissing me hard and deep.  You plunge deep inside of me with all of your force; I can’t help it, I can’t wait any longer…I squirt and cum on your cock I can feel my juices running down my thighs as you continue fucking me like an animal.  My whole body is shaking, I’m gripping your cock with my pussy the best I can but you keep going, you keep forcing your cock deep inside of me giving me what I asked for.  You tell me what a bad girl I am for waking you early…you tell me that because I was bad you aren’t going to fill me with your cum…I let out a soft cry…I want ALL of you!!  You laugh, you know you have control…You tell me if I don’t cum with you, I’m going to be in trouble.  I can feel your cock getting bigger, harder, preparing to let loose.  I can feel everything our heart rates quicken, I can’t wait, I beg you to cum for me, please baby…you give me that look…that evil “I’m in charge look” and we cum together with everything we have.  You give me one last hard, deep thrust as you kiss me, and you get up to head for the shower leaving me a wet quivering puddle….

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  1. Well, that is certainly NOT how I woke this morning…but now I really really wish it was. Dammit…I have got to find myself a steady man…STAT! Thanks for getting my Friday started off with a throb.

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