Good Girl Gone Naughty

What day is it? Titty Tuesday of course!  This is a naughty little something that is a bit different for you.  See what you think and enjoy…

There once was a little girl who lived a thousand miles away.  Every one believed she was a very, very good girl and though they thought she was a bit quiet and shy, they adored her like she was their own little sunshine.  Little did they know, that this good, little girl was very mischievous.  The little girl had special desires, secret desires, desires a girl her age should never, never have. 
Because she knew she couldn’t share these desires with anyone, sometimes, the little girl would touch herself.  Sometimes this little girl would lift up her skirt when she was alone, spread her legs ever so slightly, pull her white cotton panties to the side and stroke her soft, smooth, slit.  At this point, the girl’s legs would spread wider until her pink pussy lips would open and the little pink slit would reveal just the tinyiest bit of moisture.  Her heart would start beating as she felt the cool air on her pretty pink pussy and she would bite her lower lip just to keep from making any sounds…no one could know how naughty she really was! 
She would sit in her chair and slide her little fingers with her pretty pink finger nails into her sweet little pussy and up along her clit spreading creamy juice all over her lovely, swollen folds.  Sometimes she would swirl her fingers in circles, sometimes up and down.  Her rhythm changed…faster…slower…making her tense up and whimper as she fingered her good girl parts.  “Oh if only”, she thought, “I had a man here with me to teach me right from wrong”.
What does a good little girl do with a man?  Oh nothing if she’s true and she is as lovely and sweet as could be, but THIS little girl was different.  This little girl had so much energy pent-up inside of her that all those good girl thoughts turned into naughty things that would surprise everyone she knew.  This little girl wanted a man in the room with her, to stand in front of her so she could unzip his pants, unbutton his pants, and look for special treasure that only she should have.  She wanted to take his strong, throbbing cock into her hands and put it in her little warm mouth.  She wanted to wrap her lips around his stiff cock, moving her head back and forth as her tongue pressed against his throbbing shaft.  She wanted to pop the head of his cock in and out of her mouth making those delicious little slurping sounds she heard every night in her dreams.  She wanted so badly for him to take her head with his strong hand and hold her still as he fucked her little mouth with his big, hard cock.  She loved the feel of it twitching against the roof of her mouth as she took his cock all the way to the back of her throat gagging just a little bit but making sure he was being well taken care of.  That is what good little girls do after all!
But she wanted more.  This little girl, always full of energy and devious thoughts wanted to be taken in ways that her friends would never expect of her quiet, shy self.  She wanted this man, in front of her to bend her ever so slightly over the chair.  She wanted to feel his heat behind her, his fingers gently slide up her thigh, rub past her pretty pink pussy, and hold tight to her hips. She wanted to feel his face drop down below her, and feel his tongue start lapping at her pussy juices that were glistening on her slit like fresh morning dew.  She wanted to feel his tongue press against her hood searching for her clit and then lapping at it mercilessly as she yelped with pleasure and excitement.  She wanted to feel his grip tighten on her, burning her skin a little to keep her still as she twitched and writhed unable to handle the pleasure of him nibbling at her clit and forcing his tongue into her tight, wet, pussy.  She wanted him to teach her a lesson about how good girls act when a man is in the room.  She begged him to teach her to be proper and willing to obey his orders as he obviously knew exactly how a good girl should act.
She wanted him to put his cock inside of her, but first she wanted to feel it rub against her clit.  She wanted him to get it wet with her juices before slamming that hard throbbing cock into her tight pussy.  He would have to guide his cock into her inviting little opening at first then hold tightly to her hips because she was sure to buck against him when he finally showed her how good girls acted with a man. She secretly hoped he would show NO MERCY.  She hoped he would slam his cock deep inside of her in one powerful thrust opening her up, making her scream as he moaned with intense pleasure at the tightness of her little snatch.  She wanted to feel him deep inside of her, wanted to feel like the head of his cock would reach her belly, wanted to feel him throbbing inside of her.
“Hopefully”, she thought, “he could see my hot, wet cum glistening on his cock”.  Good girls would be very very wet for their man, for their master.  He would keep a steady rhythm thrusting his cock in and out of her, feeling his cock head against her pussy walls, hearing her cries as she was torn between pain and intense pleasure.  She would scream for more because she knew she needed to be taught a lesson, he was the one that could teach her right.  Her every fiber of being was tingling and electrified as their breathing intensified.  Her pussy grasped at his cock, sucked it back in as he tried to pull it out.  She wanted to be taught right, wanted to be punished.  She knew his moans meant she had been very bad and was so very thankful she had a strong man to teach her how to be proper and good.
As his force intensified she would lose control of her body.  Almost unable to hold herself up, she would have to depend on him to hold her still, to put her and keep her in her place.  How dare she move unless she was told!!  He’d slam his thick, dripping cock into her harder and faster her pussy muscles tightening and releasing milking his cock, their moans and screams getting louder until they both reached the climax, their bodies going into spasms and almost convulsing as they came together so powerfully.  Once he would catch his breath, she knew he would grab her hair, pull out of her and watch his cum run down her thighs, then force her on her knees to lick him clean…lick their combined juices from his still throbbing cock and tell her what a good girl she was and what a powerful lesson she had just learned.
“Hopefully”, she thought, “this lesson I will remember”.  She didn’t want him to look at her like she was naughty.  She wanted him to look at her and know she was a good girl who only wanted to please her master.

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