Getting Things Done with Todoist

Getting Things Done with TodoistGetting Things Done with Todoist by Daniel LeFebvre
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GTD is worth a read!

I’ve dedicated a lot of time lately trying to work on a way to have a clear mind (brain dump) & still be able to accomplish tasks that satisfy each aspect of my life during the day. Todoist is a life saver & reading Mr. LeFebvre’s book has provided me with some great insight.

I’ve modeled my projects after his to an extent. The most eye opening is the section in which he says the work has nothing to do with him, but it could be holding up others. Jane needs expenses to do her job. I’m holding her job up by not doing the expenses. GTD! Now it’s no longer on my plate. Yay!

I’d recommend this especially if you’re just figuring out you need to make more time for yourself. Know what needs done, prioritize, work it!

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