Elle Jae- Fuck the Crazy Out of Her

“Where did He wander off to?” I asked one of the others who were standing at the backyard tiki bar.

“Think he went inside to deal with Elle,” one of them said. Deal with her? That means she was drinking too much and on who knows what kind of drugs so she was acting erratically. He took her in to fuck the crazy out of her. Not cool. She’s not the girlfriend and she’s not the wife. Not sure if I like how things are going lately with the lack of communication. I did another shot and walked slowly inside. Slowly because I needed to maintain my balance and grace. Just because I was drinking did not mean the floor needed a hug.

I headed to the bedroom and there He was, pinning her to the bed while they kissed. They were rubbing on each other like teenagers behind the bleachers. “The party can start now, I’m here!” I said. I suppose it probably sounded snide in a happy way, if that’s possible. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. Elle and I began kissing as we undressed each other. Maybe not kissing…maybe trying to eat each other’s faces. Getting undressed was simple since all either of us wore were sun dresses and bathing suits. He was already undressed and watching.

We were ignoring Him, which was my intent. Exclude me and I will turn the tables. He must have gotten to the point where He couldn’t handle our heavy petting and deep kisses because He crawled up between us. Elle said, “No, wait! She’s so soft!” and we tried to continue, but all we could do was kiss while He decided he was going to take advantage of my already wet pussy. Ignoring Him was getting harder…well He was getting harder.

Just the Girlfriend

I tried focusing only on her but He hastened His thrust and I had to vocalize my needs. At least Elle kept her mouth on me by sucking my nipples or kissing my neck. He thrust himself into me as deep as He could, time and again until I was ready to cum. He must have known by the way my pussy gripped Him, trying to hold Him in because He pulled out completely before I could finish. I wanted to cry. He said, “Elle’s turn”.

I’m sure I gave Him THAT LOOK, but I tried to stifle it. I was just the girlfriend, not the wife. I had no say, really. He reached for a condom while I crawled on top of her, sitting on her hips and kissing her. The minute He started fucking her, I lifted my pussy to His lips so he could lick me. I wanted to see how talented He really was. Elle kept making these cute little sounds into my lips and tongue each time He pushed into her. And, each time he stuck his tongue in my slit, I reared back at him and rode His face the best I could.

It wasn’t long before He pushed me off of Elle, climbed on her proper, and gave her a good lashing with His cock. At least she got to cum. He looked back at me. As Elle took the condom off of Him (He still hadn’t cum), he placed his hand around my throat. That alone is enough to turn some deep, dark desire on within me.

Cum Cocktail

He turned me over, held me down by the neck, and fucked me like a rag doll until I not only came, but squirted, nearly passed out, and begged for more. When He finally came, He laid on top of me for a minute.  It was way too hot for that. He pulled out slowly and Elle watched all the juices, mine and His, flow from my swollen lips onto the bed.

“You have a choice,” He said to her, “You can lick her clean or you can suck me clean”. She chose me. I’m not sure He was happy about that, but I wasn’t going to complain. She was very gentle with her tongue, knowing I was sensitive down there after a good fucking. She licked me inside and out, making sure to get all of the cum cocktail for herself. At some point, I nodded off. I was lightly drunk, completely spent, and finally calm.

When I woke, I dressed myself and went back outside to the chants of, “Shots! Shots! Shots!” Here we go again…