Friendly Skies

It was the last half of the flight from Houston to Auckland and almost every passenger was asleep.  The lights in the Boeing 787 were dimmed and the cabin was only illuminated by the soft rainbow LED lights.  The design of the Dreamliner meant a quieter cabin, but I wasn’t sure I could keep it that way.  He had ways of bringing out the best in me.

When we arrived in Houston to prepare the plane for passengers, I didn’t expect him to be our pilot.  My heart skipped a beat when he caught my eye and gave me that charming grin.  We had met over a year ago and had a one night stand in a hotel room reserved for one of us by our company while our plane was grounded for maintenance.  I never thought I would be on the same flight as him again since I was moving to another hub and would be doing international flights.  Seems I was wrong.

After stowing his gear in the cockpit, he made his way to me after his preflight checks.

“Looks like this is a dream come true, ” he said.

“Really? Why is that?” I asked

“Well here we are about to do a flight on the Dreamliner, and my dream girl is here. I’d say this could be nothing less than perfection,” he said.

As we got further into the flight, the food and beverage services were complete.  That’s when he began summoning me to the cockpit for one reason or another.   First it was to bring coffee, then it was to bring something for the 3rd pilot who was there to build some flight hours.  Each time,  he spoke softly to me giving me that charming look that he knows melts me every time.  Again he called me and when I got to the cockpit door, he was standing outside of it.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m letting Steve get some hours.  That’s what he’s here for, ya know.  Besides, it only takes two of them to fly, they don’t need me, but you…you do,” he said.

“I do? Well in that case…Standy by, Pilot,” I couldn’t help but bite my lip and try not to smile.

Get It While You Can

We looked around and saw the rest of the flight staff had taken positions to the rear of the aircraft and we were almost alone in the front. We took the opportunity to slip into the lavatory.  For a plane lav, it was big enough for two of us and besides, we weren’t wanting to be far apart from each other!  Immediately he pulled me to him, kissing me with the force of a thousand men.  There was a definite hunger that we needed to satisfy.  I had forgotten that the lav was hands-free and when I stepped towards the toilet, the seat went down scaring me at first then sending me into a giggle fit.  We were in the ladies lavatory, lucky me!

As he was kissing me, he reached up and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back so that he could bite on my neck.  Mmm it was so hard to keep quiet.  I reached down and felt that I had his full attention. He was thobbing hard and ready to go.  He turned me around so I was facing the sink and lifted the skirt of my flight uniform and  moved my panties to the side.

“You’re already wet, my naughty little flight attendant,” he said as he rubbed my clit entering my pussy and spreading my juices over my pink folds.  I heard him unzip his pants and just as I looked back at him, he entered me swiftly.  I gasped at the force of it but oh how I liked it.  With one hand on my hips and one around my throat, he fucked me furiously.

“Cum for me, coat my cock  Baby. Give it to me,” he growled as he continued pumping me.  I gripped the sink tighter and when I looked up in the mirror, I could see him watching us.  I have to say, it was sexy as hell.  I squeezed his cock feeling every ripple, every vein and then the waves came.  My legs got quivery and I almost fell until he grabbed a hold of me and held me up like a rag doll.  He thrust deeper with each stroke and it wasn’t long until I was cumming all over his cock doing just as he has asked.  It was so hard to be quiet, but I couldn’t break the silence of the cabin with my moans.  He pumped me through my orgasm and when I was completely spent, he stood there with me…still inside of me.  He again wrapped his hand around my throat and pulled me back to him.

Flight Perks

After one bite to the neck he said, “Leave your panties down and sit on the toilet.  You’re going to sit there and clean my cock like a good little slut.”

I sat.  He reached behind me and turned the knob for the bidet.  The Dreamliner is equipped with bidets in the lavatories with different spray options.  Just another little perk to make flying interesting.  He picked a spray with the most force and made me sit so the stream was directly on my clit.  I could barely stay still.  He grabbed my hair in an almost gentle manner this time and put his cock near my lips.  I looked up to him, took his cock with one hand, and kissed the tip before taking it into my pretty little mouth.  I licked down one side of the shaft to his balls and back up the other.  I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head.  Then I took the head of his cock in my mouth and licked as I stroked him.  I loved to please him, he’s always so good to me.

It was time to make him cum.  I fucked and sucked his cock like a champ with gentle guidance from his hand on  my head.  The whole time I cupped his balls, massaging gently.  He reached behind me and turned the bidet heat on, I was getting squirmy and close to cumming again but wanted to finish the job at hand.

“I’m close, Baby.  Cum with me. I know you’re there,” he said.

And I was.  I increased the pressure of my tongue on the underneath of his shaft and crown as I bobbed my head sucking like a good girl.  I felt his thighs tense up.

“Here it cums, Baby,” he whispered.

He shoved his cock deep  spraying a load down my throat as I swallowed and came from the water pressure on my clit.  When he finished, I looked up to him and licked him clean gently.  He’s so sensitive after he cums.  I zipped him up, he shut off the bidet, and helped me up.  He took a hand towel from the dispenser and dried my pretty pink parts before putting my panties and skirt back in order.  After a quick once over to make sure we were in order, he took me in his arms again and kissed me before we stepped out into the cabin one by one.  The passengers were still asleep and everything was as we left it.  He went back to the cockpit and I took a crew seat near the front to finish the remainder of the flight.

When we landed in Auckland and everyone had departed, he approached me at the gate.

“I hope to see you soon, Dream Girl,” he whispered as he pecked my cheek.  I know a blush escaped me and I told him I felt the same.

Now, I have only the memory and the hope that once again I will fly the friendly skies with my favorite pilot.  I have a feeling it will happen again when I’m least expecting it.