Five Times At Least

I always have to meet that guy.  That one guy who I convince myself, against my better judgement, to keep seeing.   That guy who is honest and tells me from day one that he is “dating” someone but yet I still feel compelled to meet him.  Oh it’s not only the fact that I had to meet him, I had to fuck him.  Not only did I have to fuck him, but I had to let him into my life, trust him, and become friends with him.  Oh yeah…and keep fucking him.

How could I stop?  From the very first day that I let him fill me with cum, from the first day I let his seed drip, drip, drip down my thighs, I knew I wanted more of him.  I knew I wanted him to be The One.  I wanted him to Own me .  Oh sure I had my reservations, if you could imagine me being reserved at all.  I wondered about the other woman, the woman he was “dating”.  I wondered what she had that I didn’t that held his attention.  Of course I figured she probably had kids.  Being that he was separated from his own kids, I just figured he was trying to fill the void.  I understand it.  Doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Doesn’t mean I have to like the thought of him fucking two of us either.  To be honest, I hate it it. 

I listened when he said eventually he had to figure out what he wanted.  I was just that girl who figured he would want me, that he’d want the challenge of Owning someone as strong-headed as I am, but would also want the ease of being with someone he could trust completely, could be open with, and didn’t ever have to have any secrets from.  That he would want someone he could experiment with and have fun with…someone with nothing holding her back except the regular job thing.  Yes, I was that girl who thought that guy could be everything I wanted and I could be everything he wanted.

Why didn’t I walk away?  Oh he fucked me so good.  Time and time again, his cock deep inside of me made me want him more.  Every time  I saw him, it was something new.  Every time I saw him, there was a challenge.  Some days he made love to me and I fell in love with his sweetness.  Other days he fucked me with all the aggression he had been harboring for days and it made me want him more.  But the days he said just the right words to get those damn little sexual butterflies all a flutter, I knew I couldn’t walk away.

The teasing didn’t help.  Every time I thought I could calm down, we’d tease back and forth and I just wanted him more.  This last time he really got me.

“When it comes to eating pussy, I’ll make your toes curl and make you see God.”

Really.  Fucker.  Prove it.

“Don’t worry, I aim to please.”

I didn’t exactly believe him.  How could I?!  All guys think they know what they’re doing but then get down there and are like bumbling idiots.  But on the other hand, he had already proved himself to me over and over.  Why else would I have stayed in the situation?!


We were innocently  cuddled on the couch watching a movie.  When I say innocently, I mean we had already gone a couple of rounds during the day and even I was tired!  About half way through the movie, he stood up and reached for my hand.  I let him help me up and lead me to the bedroom.  I was actually surprised he was ready for another round, but who am I to say no?  I can never get enough of him!  When we got close to the bed he started with his kisses.  I love how he kisses me.  He’s sweet but still a bit aggressive.  Since he’s taller than me, I always just want to collapse in his arms and let him kiss me forever.  As he had me under his spell, he undressed me and laid me on the bed.  That was the beginning of the end of any amount of composure I may have had remaining when it came to him.

“I made a promise I need to fulfill.”

His hands slid down my tummy to my inner thighs and moved them apart.  I watched as his head dipped down and just as my sexual butterflies began to make my heart pitter patter, his tongue pressed on my clit.  I reached for him, weaving my fingers into his hair and pushing him closer.  His warm breath on my pussy gave me chills.  He licked me from ass to clit, lubricating me for what was to come.  He kept on with a slow pace always keeping me on edge.  Liiiick his tongue went, ass to clit, pressing just barely into my warm, tight, hole then up to my clit.  He began to nibble and his teeth on my button sent me quivering.  I grabbed the headboard to hold on for the ride.  I couldn’t help but try to squirm away from him begging him for more but telling him no almost simultaneously.  He kept me still, digging his fingers into my inner thigh muscles and taking my breath away.

I couldn’t take it.  Just as I was ready to tell him I was going to cum, he pulled at my clit with his teeth and sent me over the edge, screaming and moaning loud enough that I’m sure my creepy neighbor heard me.  I thought he was done.  I thought he was only going to give me one then move onto fucking me, but I was wrong.  I was barely given a chance to catch my breath when his fingers thrust inside of me in and out as he continued eating at my clit.  As he thrust deeper, each withdrawal drew my juices from deep inside of me dripping down my slit and giving him more to lick up.  I kept trying to move away, kept trying to tell him I couldn’t take it…couldn’t handle the stimulation but I couldn’t speak.  All I could do was moan and scream as he made me take every minute of it. 

As one hand kept thrusting those perfect meaty fingers inside of me, the other hand pressed down on my pelvic bone keeping me where he wanted me and stimulating me further.  My whole body was quivering.  The only way he was holding me in place was because he was the perfect size for me, taller than me, stronger than me…perfect.  I laid there and every bit of stress, every thought of the world around me disappeared.  I was in his hands completely.  He finger fucked me over and over again while he licked me making me cum three…four…five times at least.

When he was finished I was like a rag doll.  He could have done anything with me.  Every muscle in my body had gone limp and I was giddy as a school girl from cumming so many times under his control.  I listened as he went into the bathroom to clean up.  When he was finished, he led me back to the couch.  We resumed the movie…kind of.  My oral fixation needed satisfied.  As he lay there on the couch.  I sat on the ottoman in front of him and slowly licked his shaft up and down, balls to tip.  I took my time, not really wanting to make him cum but wanting to just suck him and enjoy him for as long as I could.  I looked up to see him resting comfortably, not really watching the movie but in his own little world.  We were both enjoying my need to have something in my mouth.

I continued with my gentle assault on his cock until he needed to cum.  He stroked as I watched.  His fingers were long and strong on his throbbing shaft.  I loved the way it looked as he brought himself to orgasm so I could swallow his seed.  I took every drop over my tongue and down my throat, then licked his sweet cum from his throbbing head so he was all clean for the rest of the movie.  Of course, after that, we were both fully satisfied.  I cuddled in his arms and we both fell asleep on the couch watching a movie that had absolutely no impact on the night.  It was perfect.

So I guess when I ask myself why I always have to stay with that guy who can’t make me his number one,  that guy who I had to trust, had to end up friends with, and had to keep fucking…I know why.  It’s because it’s that guy who knows exactly how to take care of my sexual needs and fuck me until yes..until my toes curl and I see God, screaming his name over ….and over…. again.


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