First Time For Everything

Sometimes I have no idea what possesses me other than the fact that when I get super horny and haven’t had sex in a while, my brain shuts off completely and I am easily lured into any trap a man wants to set.  It was summer time and I had spent quite some time after the break up from a long-term boyfriend without getting what I needed.  I somehow started talking to a friend of a friend one night and for a couple of weeks we talked non stop.  Finally it turned sexual.  It didn’t turn to a sweet, “Let’s go to dinner and then we’ll make love by the fire” talk it was more of a “Woman, I am going to take you down, fuck you seven ways from Sunday, and make you unable to walk for a week” talks.  Being one for a little mystery and a little challenge I told him to bring it on.

It was a Saturday night when I got the text, “Come to my place so I can take care of you.  Bring the toy we talked about.”  We had multiple conversations about things we liked sexually and I had told him I resorted to toys.  We talked specifically about one that I thought was a bit big for me because it seemed to make him curious, and who was I to stifle someone’s curiosity?  After I got his address, I took a quick shower, put on a top, skirt, and heels, and headed over.  When he opened the door, he only had on a pair of silk boxers and water droplets from the shower.  I was barely in the door when he took control.  He kissed me slow and deep, undressing me.  When I went to kick off my heels, he stopped me and pushed me to my knees.

He removed his boxers and presented himself to me by placing his cock on my lips for my first taste  in a while.  Kneeling there in his house, I looked up to him as I licked him from balls to head.  He was so clean and nicely manicured that I couldn’t help but want to lick him.  I kept him in my mouth, tonguing every inch as I bobbed my head taking him deeper with each approach.  He grew, reaching deeper into my throat.  Just as I began losing myself in my mission to please, he reached down and pulled me back up to his level.  I kicked off my shoes and he lead me to the bedroom.

The bedroom was lit by a soft blue light allowing me to see how clean his room was….always a good sign.  The bed sheets were turned down and I could smell the soaps he used from his shower.  He moved behind me,  One arm slipping under my right arm, across my chest, and to my neck.  The left hand slipped around the front of me and started rubbing my pussy as he kissed the left side of my neck.  We weren’t there long when he said, “Come, lets see what toys you brought.”

I laid on the bed on my tummy and him on his side.  I watched as he pulled out the toy he had been so curious about (a thick, purple vibrator that I thought stretched me a bit too much) and another (flesh toned vibrator that was more…comfortable).  He also pulled the two different lubes from my little bag of goodies and set everything on the night stand.  I was getting more nervous as I laid there watching him.  My brain needs to kick in before not during a stunt like that!  Just as I started getting carried away by my thoughts, he came to me.

He climbed over and straddled me as I laid on my back, gathered my hair in his right hand, then pulled back enough to make my back arch slightly and make my neck fully present itself to him.  He leaned to me and bit into my neck, nibbling, sucking, teasing as he worked his way to my mouth and kissed me deeply.  He rolled me over and kissed his way down my body, kneading my tits with both hands hard enough to leave bruises the next day.  Not one inch went unexplored as he bit and nipped his way down between my thighs.  There he lingered, licking my inner thighs and doing everything he could before I raised myself to him.

His tongue was warm and moist as it instantly pushed into my pussy.  I kept reaching for him but each time, he slammed my hand back down to the bed.  I learned quickly to keep my hands in place.  Before I knew it he was rolling my clit between his teeth bringing me pain and pleasure both at the same time.  His fingers plunged deep inside of me as he brought me to my first orgasm.  My brain stopped.  I was completely lost in the sex.

He kneeled then, holding my calves with each hand, then slowly at first slid his cock into my dripping pussy.  His was the first cock I had since the break up and it was bigger than I was used to.  I moaned and clenched at him as he slid deeper.  He pushed, holding my legs in place, until he was balls deep inside me.  I could barely breathe.  When I looked down to him, he laughed.  There was no more “slow” from that point on.  He fucked me so hard I thought I was going to break.  The bed moved with us and the pillow he held over my head at one point absorbed the screams.   He was the first one to make me squirt soaking us both and christening the sheets.  He did more for me in the first hour than anyone had done for me before.  There’s a first time for everything.

He rolled me over and pulled me towards him.  At some point during the roll, he had reached the lube and was pouring it on my ass and pussy.  He grabbed my hands, pinning them behind my back as he began fucking my pussy in long, deep strokes.  My face and shoulders were on the bed as I struggled to take all of him.  He was so much taller and stronger than me that I had no choice in the matter, I was pinned.  He slipped a finger into my tight ass and I leaned back into him wanting more.

There was a brief pause and I heard a buzz, he had grabbed on of the toys but I couldn’t see which one.  He kept me planted and submissive into the bed.  I wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter.  I felt the vibrator against my pussy lips.  Slow and smooth he moved it from my clit to my ass.  I could tell it was the bigger one and before I could say a word, he was screwing it into me.  He let it enter me, still buzzing, then gave it a couple turns.  He started moving it side opening me up to take it more.  He started fucking me with it faster and harder, the vibrations sending chills through my body.  I couldn’t move, all I could do was take it, all of it, as he fucked me deeper.  Again I squirted and came for him as he told me what a good girl I was.

He left the toy in place, vibrating, and I could feel his cock pressing against my ass.  OhMyGod, I wasn’t sure I could handle it all.  I was about to say something, to try to move but I couldn’t.  He pressed further into my ass and I came instantly, my pussy and ass filled more than they had ever been.  He assaulted my ass, pounding it hard, vibrator still in place buzzing.  Every once in a while he would push the vibrator in and out of my pussy all the while still holding my hands in place behind my back.  I was being pushed further than I had been before.  I was done.  All I could do was be there, taking everything he gave me, I was his toy until he was done.

After what seemed like forever, he pushed deep into my ass one last time moaning with me as he filled me with his hot, sticky load.  He released my hands and held tight to my hips, his cock buried deep in my ass, his thighs pushing the toy further into my pussy.  When he finished, he stood there for a minute before pulling out, allowing his cum to drip down to my pussy.  He took the toy, and slowly pulled it out.  Instead of turning it off, he pressed it into his dripping seed and then onto my pussy again.  I was so swollen and numb, all I could do was lay there, now completely on my tummy.  He rubbed his cum into my pussy a few times using the toy and watching as I spasmed and quivered with each entry.  Finally he was done.  He turned off the toy and put it to the side.

He laid on the bed with me for a few minutes.  When I gathered my thoughts enough to get the strength to stand, I told him I should go.  He helped me clean up enough and get dressed for the ride home.  I had no thoughts, no words on the way home.  I got there and tried to stop all the emotions going through me.  This one encounter opened doors to me that hadn’t been there before.  It was the first time I had squirted with any man, it was the first time I actually enjoyed anal with any man, and it was the first time I was completely submissive in any way and unable to do anything about what was being done to me.  The only problem with all of this?  I now crave it more often than not.  I’m only hoping I find the one man who can take me again and again…the one man who can own me.

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