I was a little upset with him.  How could I not have been?  All I wanted this morning was for him to fill me completely.  I wanted to feel him shoot his creamy load deep inside of me and be dripping with it all day.  Usually he likes that.  For some reason though, he pulled out at the last minute and shot his seed on my ass.  OK, OK, I admit, I don’t mind it, but it’s not what I wanted.  I guess it was more of his reaction after he came.

Putting her in her place

“Please baby?  Please fill me, I need it.  I want to feel you all day!” I screamed

“You want me to shoot my load inside you, Kitten?  Tell me how bad you want it,” he said.

“I want it so bad!  Please?  I want to feel you fill my pussy so deep.  Please?” I begged.

“Fuck Kitten, I’m gonna cum!” he groaned.

“Give it to me!” I said.

“You’re getting it on your ass,” he said.  Before I could say another word, I felt his warm semen coating my ass cheeks and dripping down my crack  towards my pussy.  I let out a sigh.  Fuck.

“Why?” was the only thing I could say.

“Because, sometimes you need to reminded that you can’t have everything your way,” he said.

“Was I bad?  Did I disobey you?” I asked.

“No, you just need to be put in your place sometimes,” he said.

I was on the verge of tears.  When we have rounds of sex, I’m fine with him coating me in cum as long as I get filled at some point.  I don’t even care if he wants to put it deep in my ass or my pussy, as long as I get some.  That morning, he was off to work and because of his little show of power, I was left feeling…empty.

Getting what She Came for

You know I couldn’t just leave things be and wait till he got home from work.  I’m not the kind of person who can get upset and just stew on it all day.  I decided I was going to do my morning chores and before running to do my errands, my plan was to stop at his work for lunch.  I was going to get my fill one way or another.

I knew that he always met a couple of the guys in the parking lot at about the same time so they could decide where to go for lunch and it just so happened that I rolled up just at the right time.  I parked next to him and as I stepped out of the vehicle, all eyes were on me and no one spoke.  It could have been the tight fitting tank top I was wearing that accentuated my 38DDD’s, or maybe it was the cute little skirt showing off my legs, but it could have just been the fact that I showed up randomly and not many of the guys had seen me in person, they had only heard about me.

“Well hello Kitten, surprise lunch visit?” he said smugly.

“I came to get what was mine,” I said as I looked each guy in the eye and nodded my hello.

“Did you? What might you be talking about, Kitten?  Don’t hold us in suspense,” He said with a smile.

He was trying to take control and put me in my place.  I walked over to him, grabbed the front of his shirt and looked him squarely in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me right here, right now.  I want you to fill me so deep with your seed that I am dripping for days.  I came to get my fill…what I deserve,” I said trying not to let my voice waiver as his coworkers looked on in awe.

There was silence as we stood toe to toe looking in each other’s eyes.  His coworkers didn’t make a sound as they looked to each other wide eyed with smiles at the corners of their lips.  I knew he wouldn’t be shown up like that by his woman in front of his colleagues.  Just then, his pupils dilated a little and before I could react he had me by the back of the neck pushing me onto the hood of his vehicle.

From behind me, he kicked my heels apart gently but the stance made my little skirt hike up enough that I felt a cool breeze on my ass and pussy.

“You want this pussy filled, Kitten?  You come to get your fill?” he questioned me.

“Yes Sir,” I said obediently.

“You came here to my work after our discussion this morning to get what you deserve?  Pretty bold of you Kitten.  What I ought to do is have each of my friends here fill you.  I should have them fill your ass and pussy until you beg for them to stop,” he said.

I heard one of the guys cough, but no one said a word.  I knew he was putting on a little show.  My body is his and his alone.  I knew he would never share in this kind of situation.  It was just part of our game and I’m sure he liked the look on his coworkers’ faces.  He held me there over the hood and I heard his pants unzip.  I almost let out a sigh of relief.  I needed him so bad.  He leaned over me, his cock pressed against my ass.  He bit into my shoulder before he told me his plan.

“You want your pussy filled, Kitten?” he asked.

I nodded.

“I think I’m going to fuck your ass instead.  You haven’t learned your place apparently!” he growled.



With that he grabbed both ass cheeks, pulling them apart, before he spit on my tiny hole and slid his cock head in slowly.  Beyond that, there was no slow about what he did to me.  He fucked my ass with such force, I thought I was going to dent the hood.  I had nothing to hold onto, nothing to grip as he slammed me harder and harder.  I couldn’t help but scream out as he tore into me like he did.  Every minute, I thought my legs would give out, but he had such a tight grip on my ass cheeks that I knew I couldn’t go anywhere.

I took a peek at his coworkers and saw that they were all watching, some with big smiles as they talked guy talk, the others with raging hard-on’s that I’m sure were wishing they were pounding my ass too.  I tried to distract myself from the pain/pleasure I was getting from his thick, swollen cock pummeling my ass balls deep but I couldn’t and I couldn’t be quiet either.

It wasn’t long before he was ready to cum.  I could feel every ridge, every vein, every inch of him throbbing in me.  My pussy was dripping jelously longing for some pounding of her own.  With one final deep thrust, I screamed out as I felt like I was being impaled but yet I was almost calm as he filled me with thick sticky cum.  It calmed my throbbing ass a tiny bit.  As he pulled out slowly, his cum trailed out of my ass and down to my pussy teasing it even more.

He grabbed my by my hair, standing me upright.  More of his cum dripped down my thighs.

“Did you get your fill, Kitten?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” I said.

“Good.  Go home, get cleaned up and wait in your corner naked and kneeling until I get home.  We are far from finished here,” he said before giving me a kiss on the neck.

“Yes Sir,” I said as I turned towards my vehicle.

“Kitten,” he said.

“Yes Sir?” I asked.

“Say goodbye to my coworkers here.  Thank them for watching the show,” he said with a smile.

“Goodbye guys, have a good lunch and thank you for watching the show,” I said obediently.

The guys had no clue what to say so I ducked into my driver’s seat and slowly drove away.  Now I am sitting here, naked, on my knees, palms on my thighs waiting…

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