Feed My Hunger

I’m not sure where he disappeared to this morning, but no matter…he’ll be back.  He always comes back.  For now I’ll just lay here, my hand upon his pillow and his lingering scent in my nose.  I love the way he smells.  I love it whether he has been working outside all day or working on me all night, it turns me on like nothing other.

When he got back from the gym last night, I had to practically beg him to let me have him right then and there before his shower.  Of course, he loves the begging, but he always wants to clean up first.  I didn’t let him last night.  I know he can’t resist me when I drop to my knees, look up to him with my puppy dog eyes, and start caressing his cock with my mouth right through his shorts.  He tries to resist, but when he sees how much I just want him, he gives in.

I suppose it could be his little game, but I like to think I have maybe a hint of control once in awhile.  When he cocks his head back and looks at the ceiling with his eyes closed, that’s when I slide my hand up to his waistband and reach in to pull his meat out.  I love getting my hands on him before he reaches…full potential!  I love wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and gently caressing his balls while my tongue licks his shaft.  Slowly, slowly he grows into my mouth, filling me with a big, stiff cock.

Of course, that just makes me want him more.  I have to get more aggressive.  I stand up, his shaft still tight in my hand.  I place the other hand on his chest and push him slowly as we walk towards the couch.  I always make sure to give that little PUSH when he is right at the couch’s edge.  I love the way he looks up to me as he wonders what I am going to do.  I wonder what he thinks.

Feed My Hunger

“Is she going to ride me so I can suck on those tits?  Or maybe she’ll turn her ass to me and ride me in reverse so I can pull her hair and bite her neck.”

Of course sometimes I do those things, but last night all I wanted to do was suck his cock time and time again.  I knelt before him on all fours, my ass high in the air, and again took him into my mouth.  I fucked and sucked his cock all night from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  All I wanted was to feel his cock on my tongue and over my lips.  I wanted to feel him throbbing as he entered the back of my throat.  I wanted to feel his hot load coat every inch of my pretty little mouth, then of course my face, my tits, my belly.  It didn’t matter as long as I could suck him and get him off all night just with my hands and mouth.

He motioned to fuck my tight pussy a few times, but I wouldn’t let him.  I wanted him to feed my hunger.  I know he’s just playing the game and LETTING me have some control sometimes, but I certainly can’t complain.

Now, as I lay here, my hand upon his pillow, his scent in the air, all I can think about is fucking him.  Now, I want him inside me.  I can’t help but reach down to my throbbing pussy and…..mmmmm….so wet….