Fantasies Come True

Let’s try something a little different my dears.  I have had this in my head lately, hope it translates as well on “paper” as is does in my thoughts.  Did you read She Turns Me On? It’s a bit like that but…stronger.  Oh…and a special treat, an alternate version will be available on Thursday! Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers! Enjoy…

When I met her a few months ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I’m still not sure.  She is fun, flirty, and definitely turns me on.  Each time we have sex whether it be in the park, the bedroom, in the Jeep, wherever we are I know she is holding back.  It’s like she’s afraid to let me in, or maybe she’s just taking baby steps to lure me in further.  I’m not sure, but what I do know is after a night like last night it could only get more exciting from here on out.  I think I better hang on to this one for a while.

We had plans yesterday to meet at her place then go out for a little food and some mini golf.  She’s very competitive so I have a lot of fun putting her in her place when it comes to all her little games and fun things she likes to do.  She takes it well.  I think she actually likes playing more than she likes winning, but her pout when she loses is cute as hell.  I got to her place and greeted her by slamming my hard cock into her for a while before we left.  Sometimes a little fucking settles her down, sometimes it winds her up and she’s non stop.  Yesterday she was different and I couldn’t place it.  Something was on her mind.  I had a feeling it was going to get interesting and I was ready to put her in her place if need be.

We had a quick dinner which was pretty uneventful.  She was her flirty, little self, but I found it odd when she ordered dessert.  She never does that.  She ordered some kind of Strawberry Heaven with strawberries, whipped cream and a custard I guess it was.  When we got it, it wasn’t brought to us by a waiter.  It was brought to us by a little brunette, a friend of my girl.  Her friend was about the same size, 5’5″, brown shoulder length hair, nice tits.  She seemed like trouble.  My Kitten introduced her friend to me right before they started their little show.  I watched as my Kitten fed her friend strawberries from her own lips.  The girls would join in a kiss, each sharing part of the custard covered fruit, then giggle like school girls as the sweetness covered their lips.  I was instantly hard watching their little show.  I could see Kitten stealing glances my way and giving me that little, “I got you grin”.  This was going to be interesting.

Since we had already planned on mini golf, we invited her friend though I am sure that was the plan all along.  We piled into my girl’s Jeep since we left mine at her place; I drove and the girls sat in the passenger seat.  Kitten was on her friend’s lap and the whole way to the golf place, they were kissing each other and whispering about how they still tasted strawberries.  It took all my might to not pull over and taste for myself.

Through nine holes of windmills, polar bear play lands, and pirate ships,  I watched as the girls flirted relentlessly through the mini golf course.  Kitten kept her edge though and was very intent on winning.  She’d focus, eyeball the green and the angles, and nail a hole in one almost every time.  After her ball travelled, she would always come to me, her hand on my chest, stand on her tiptoes, and give me the sweetest kisses before challenging me to beat her.  She certainly had an unfair advantage distracting me with her friend.  The final score after nine holes had her friend far behind and Kitten lost to me by one point.  I could tell it bothered her a little by that cute pout, but she’s a good sport…besides she obviously had a bigger plan.

When we got back in the Jeep, we decided to go back to my place.  The girls made out the whole way home.  My cock was throbbing and tight in my pants, but I was trying not to say too much just to see where it was going to go.  We barely got in the door and the girls we stripped down naked and headed to the bedroom.  Fuck.

I went to the kitchen to grab a couple of bottles of water and calm down or I would have just gone off like a fountain the minute I got in the bedroom.  When I walked in, the girls were entangled in a sixty-nine position.  They were moaning and giggling.  All I saw was long hair, soft skin, and pink parts.  Suddenly I was hungry again.  I walked over to the bed, undressed, and began kissing my Kitten who was on the bottom.  I know the rules.  She doesn’t like to share and has a bit of a jealous streak because of her past, but she’s a good girl as long as I make sure she knows I am hers.  Besides, I wasn’t quite sure what her plan was.  We had talked about our fantasies since we got together and this was one of mine.  How could I not want to have two hot girls in my bed?!  I decided whatever happened, I was just going to go with it.

As I was kissing my kitten, she was stroking my cock.  The harder her friend licked her clit, the faster my cock got stroked.  Then Kitten let go of me, got up on her knees and was kissing me deeply, sucking on my tongue and lips with more aggression than I usually saw from her.  Suddenly my cock was in her friend’s mouth.  The warm, moist tongue strokes sent chills through my body.  I reached down to finger my Kitten’s wet pussy and make her moan for me.  She was mine no matter what game she was playing.  I put a hand on her throat and returned her aggression while my other hand went to the back of her friend’s head so I could manuever deeper into her throat.  I had so much pent up energy, I needed to fuck something hardcore.

I pulled out of her friend’s throat, turned my kitten around on the bed so her ass and pussy were open to me, and slammed my throbbing, monster cock in her pussy.  Fuck yes!  She screamed and gripped the bed.  Her friend maneuvered between my legs and licked my balls and shaft every time I pulled out of kitten’s tight little pussy.  She was so wet from playing games all day that my cock was dripping with her juices. There was plenty for her friend to lick up, but Kitten was being loud.  I told her friend to get up there and kiss my girl, but they one upped me.   Kitten kissed her friend then told her she wanted pussy.

Her friend laid before her, legs spread wide, shoulders and head against the headboard watching me fuck my girl as my girl licked and finger fucked her friend’s pussy.  I wanted to cum so bad but I was so into watching the girls that I didn’t want to stop.  I could feel my kitten tightening up on my cock, trying to milk it, so I slammed her harder pushing her face and tongue deeper into her friend’s pussy.  Her friend was moaning louder now, saying she was going to cum.  Kitten tightened, released, tightened on my cock.  She was going to cum with her friend.   I reached forward to Kitten’s clit and started rolling it in my fingers as I fucked her.  The moans from each of them got louder until I could see the shudders in her friend’s thighs and feel my girl quivering.  Fuck!  Two girls cumming in my bed and  I could feel my cock ready to explode.  I pummeled my kitten’s pussy as she squirt and came coating my cock and balls with her juices.  When both girls finished riding out their climactic waves, they both looked at me.

I was still buried balls deep in my girl and she slowly pulled away releasing the rest of her cum from inside her.  She let out a little whimper.  She hates not having my cock inside her.  Next thing I knew, both girls were crawling towards me on the bed.  The got down on the floor on their knees before me and Kitten took my cock deep in her mouth once and released it, just barely sucking the juices off.  She looked at her friend and they both took my cock in their mouths, one girl on each side.  They cleaned and licked my kitten’s juices from my balls and shaft until there was no more.

When I was clean, Kitten said,”Your turn.”  They knelt before me, playing with their tits as I stroked my cock.  I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came.  The head of my cock was huge, purple and throbbing.  My balls were so tight they ached.  Looking at these girls, their mouths open and wanting my cum, their hands massaging their tits…fuuuuck.  I let loose with a jerk making sure each of them had my cream on their lips and tongues, made sure to spray their tits.  I had them covered, mouth to nipple.  It was fucking sexy.  When I had emptied my seed on the girls, they kissed each other, my cum moving over their tongues.  Kitten then took me into her mouth gently, knowing I would be sensitive.  Again, I had two mouths on my cock cleaning me off.  When I was spotless, the girls turned to each other and licked my juices from each other’s tits.  I had never cum so much before. 

The girls cuddled on the bed for just a little bit before Kitten’s friend got dressed.  She called a cab and headed back to her car.  Before she left, my kitten gave her friend the softest kiss and thanked her.  I spent the night with my girl in my arms, napping, making love, fucking.  I couldn’t believe the night we had and I was certainly going to make sure she got all she needed for taking care of me and making one of my fantasies come true.  Like I said, I think I better hang onto this one for a while.

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