Embrace Your Fantasy

Have you ever walked through a store and looked someone up and down only to wonder what they’d be like in bed?  You begin to envision a few sexual scenarios and either you smile pleasantly to yourself and continue on, or you shake your head and try to release the thought that was once good but turned rather disgusting.

Have you ever walked through a park and noticed a spot here or there that would be perfect for a little romp and some fun?  Of course you have to go check the spot out, stand in it and truly envision the most perfect sexual scenario right there where perhaps a few passersby might see if you were to engage in your little sexual fantasy.  You can’t help but walk away with butterflies when you realize how excited you are.

Or maybe you’ve gone to that concert just recently and saw a spot up against the stage or up on the hill that you would certainly like to just say, “Hell with it!” and have the fuck of your life right there in front of thirty thousand people.

I know I’m not the only sexual deviant around.  I know that each and every one of you has a little devil inside aching to be released.  Oh, I see that smile.  What’s stopping you?  Embrace your sexuality. Embrace the fact that sex makes you happy, it excites you, and there are fantasies in your pretty little head that may just need fulfilling.

Embrace Your Fantasy

I’m here to say GO FOR IT.  I am giving you permission.  Take your friend, your G/F or BF, your wife or husband, or go meet a stranger and do something you have never done before.  I promise you will never forget it and it will ignite a spark in you that will grow.  It will keep you warm and remind you that you are alive and life isn’t all about money, work, and children.

Life is about YOU.  Without you, there is no other, and without sex, there is no life.

I am NOT talking about boring missionary sex anywhere within 5 blocks of where you life.  I am talking about something exciting, something mind blowing, something that makes your heart pound and your loins throb with excitement!

Promise yourself right now that you are going to allow yourself to enjoy at least one fantasy this summer.  I give you permission.  It’s okay.

Be Brave, Be Happy, Be Guiltless

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