Do Not Disturb

I arrive at his hotel room calm and cute,  as usual.  I take a deep breath and knock lightly on the door.  I notice he’s already put the Do Not Disturb sign on the knob.  There’s a brief pause and the door opens.  He’s taller than I expected and he has this grin that tells me I am in trouble.  This is the night we’ve been waiting for.

“Hi Lover,” I say.  He pulls me into his arms, closes the door with a little kick, and with his forehead on mine looking in my eyes he says, “Hi Kitten.”  That’s the last of the niceties.  He moves me against the wall and kisses me agressively…just how I need it.  Neither of us can get enough.  We have a hunger that’s been building for months and it needs to be satisfied.  With my arms around his neck, I am literally not touching the ground.  He has my shoulders and head pinned against the wall as his arms are around my hips.  I do what I have been wanting to do since the minute we started talking and wrap my legs around him.  I can feel his cock through his shorts and my heart skips a beat.  I nibble on his lip for just a second before he moves down my neck, still holding me up against the wall.  His breath is hot and comforting.  He bites into my neck and I moan, releasing the little bit of  tension I was holding. 

“Take me to bed, Baby,” I say panting.  He carries me over there never stopping the kisses, and lays me on the bed.  I release his neck only long enough to move myself further up, then reach for him to bring him back to me.  The weight of his body on me is comforting, but not enough.  I need more.  I wrap my legs around him to feel him closer.  Damn he feels so good!  Before I can register what’s happening, he has my wrists pinned by the sides of my head and he’s nipping and kissing my tits that he so easily released from my sun dress.  My body relaxes even more as my wrists trigger my submissive side.  He gathers both wrists on one hand and takes a tit with the other, kneading and sucking it.  His hands are the perfect size to not only hold me, but to hold me down.  I whimper just a little as I feel his cock throbbing against my mound.  He pushes forward pressing his cock against me harder.

“Is this what you want?”  He asks.  I shake my head yes.  He still has my wrists and I could barely speak.  He reaches a hand down between my legs.

“You’re not wearing panties, good girl!  and mmmm you’re so wet Kitten,” he growls.  He rubs my pussy slow and I can’t help but lean my head back and moan.  I want him so bad.  He continues rubbing as he sucks on my nipples some more.  When he releases my wrists, I hold my tits together for him so he can bury his face in them and enjoy his gifts.  They were obviously made for him.  When I catch his eyes, I can see the fire burning brighter.  It’s about to get dirty!  I giggle knowing there’s trouble to cum and he plunges his fingers inside my wet hole, taking my breath away and turning my giggle into moans.  His fingers are big and without thinking about it, my pussy constricts around them.  Fuuuuck I want him so bad.  I arch my back a little and reach for him but he moves down to the floor and puts my legs over his shoulders. 

His tongue lashes out at my clit while his fingers assault my pussy faster.  Fuck I’m going to cum already.  He’s fucking me harder and curling his fingers into that tight bundle of nerves that are swelling, begging for attention.  As he sucks and nibbles on my clit, I feel his fingers come out and smooth my wetness up and down my slit from his lips to my ass then back in again.  He fucks me a little more than OH YESSSS he presses a finger into my ass fucking both of my tight little holes.  I can’t wait any longer.

“Give me your cum, Baby Girl, show me,” he says then sucks hard on my clit and before I could say a word my body shudders and I’m cumming for him. He finger fucks the smooth cream right out of me but before I finish he stands, pushes my legs back towards me and plunges his cock deep inside my swollen pink hole.  HOLY FUCK YESSSSS!!!!  OHMYGOD!!!  He fucks me harder and I begin to squirt for him, I can feel the wetness dripping down my slit to the bed.  He starts moaning and I reach for the headboard to hold on. 

“Look at me,” he says.  I look up for a second but can’t.  I’m lost in my orgasm.  He leans forward, my lags over his shoulders, and again pins my wrists to the bed.

“Look at me, Kitten!” I do as I’m told this time holding the gaze as he thrusts into my pussy harder and faster.  “That’s my good girl, you’re mine,” he says and pumps into me One….Two….Three his cock explodes and our moans sound animalistic together.  He’s filling me with so much cum, so much pent-up energy, Fuck it feels so good!  I can’t help but cum again as he’s filling me.  He rides out our orgasms then collapses on top of me leaving his throbbing cock inside me.  I wrap my arms around his neck and just breathe with him.  This is what we’ve been waiting for. 

As our breathing slows, he props himself up on one elbow and looks at me.  His fingers trace my lips and I kiss them gently sucking when he will allow me to take his finger tips.  His smile is amazing and I can already tell there is going to be so much more.  He kisses my forehead and says, “I own you.  You are mine and you’re always safe with me, Kitten.”  With that he slides his cock from my wet slit.  Our warm, sticky mess trickles from my pussy to the bed and I whimper just a little when I feel the emptiness.

“It’s ok, Kitten.  It’s all yours.  You won’t be without for long.”


Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers.  I think this little adventure may need revisiting, don’t you??  More to cum…stand by.