Dark Vanilla

This is part 2.  If you haven’t read Vanilla, click on the link and start there.  Trust me.


“Breathe my little girl, I’m here to protect you and take care of you.”

I settled into his arms for a second before He led me to the bed.  He sat me down and walked away.  I could hear the click of the video camera “On” switch.  It was show time.

Again, I felt His body heat next to me as He gently gathered my hair into His hand and leaned in to kiss my neck.  He knew just how to reel me in and make me melt.

“You smell wonderful, Kitten,” He said.

I could only smile.  Again, it was not a question for me to reply.  He began kissing me as He laid me back on the bed.  His hands ran up the sides of my thighs, my hips, the sides of my body, up my arms as He pushed them over my head, and down again.  It felt so good to be in His hands as He kissed me.  I loved the attention He gave.  I felt Him shift His weight then begin again from thighs to wrists only this time He slipped my dress off, slipped the cuffs on, and gave them a little tug.  My heart skipped a beat.

With my hands bound together, He had an easier time controlling me.  He grabbed the chain and pulled it to the side making me roll in the direction He pulled.  As I laid on my side, He nipped and bit from my breast to my ass, then with one whack of His hand on my tight little bum, He told me to get on all fours.  I did as I was told.

“That’s my good little girl.  Do you want to be my slut tonight?  Do you want to get dirty for me and show me how much you love me?” He asked.

“Yes Sir.  I want to be your slut.” Finally a question I could answer!

“Then you shall be,” He said, but He said it with a tone that made me perk up.  There was something underlying in His voice.  What was it?  Just then I felt more body heat.  Someone else was there.  As I sat there on all fours, handcuffed, with my ass in the air, I realized that He was  going to fulfill one of His fantasies.  He was going to make me His slut and watch as someone else fucked me…and He was going to record the whole thing.

I felt a tongue on my slit.  I wasn’t sure if it was Him or the Other.  My brain was about to go into overdrive until I felt His lips on mine.  There was no mistaking that.  I would know His kiss anywhere.  After He stopped kissing me, I felt Him get off the bed and heard the camera slide from the tripod rail.  He left the Other to continue pleasuring me, and I’m guessing He was getting closer to film the particulars.

The Other had a strong tongue and oh did he love to nip at me.  It was hard for me to let go and enjoy myself.  I know He wanted me to be His slut, but I didn’t want Him to be displeased by me enjoying another’s tongue inside me.  As usual, He read my thoughts.

“It’s OK Kitten, you are mine.  You will always be mine.  Don’t hold back.  Let him love you.  Let me love you through him.  Let go, Kitten.  You are mine,” He whispered.

That was all the reassurance I needed.  I took a deep breath and forgot about everything except the way my pussy was feeling, swollen and throbbing, as the Other continued probing me with his tongue.  The Other must have felt the change in me because he began rolling my clit between his teeth as he slid two fingers inside me making me moan slightly.  It was tight.  It was always tight making me more sensitive than most girls….and I wasn’t the quiet type.  He began fucking me with those two fingers and I could hear how wet I was becoming.  Not only was it the way it felt, but it was the thought of a man’s hand inside me making me feel so good that got me off.  Ah the things that perfect hands could do!

In almost no time at all, the Other made me cum and I could hear my man telling me what a good girl I was and how there was so much more to come.  I felt the Other stand behind me and I tried to move from my position, but He grabbed the chain on my cuffs.

“Don’t go anywhere, Kitten.  As a matter of fact, put your hands between your legs-shoulders on the bed,” He said.

I did as I was told, but sat down on my heels.  I was pretty sure my ass was supposed to be in the air, but I was corrected as soon as the Other grabbed me by my hips and hoisted my ass up.  I felt the head of his cock part my swollen lips and move up and down in the moisture spreading it from clit to ass.  It felt so good, but the anticipation was killing me.  I needed to be fucked.  I leaned into him slightly and he took the hint.  He pressed his throbbing cock head into me slower than I could bare until POP! He was in the warmth and moisture that was needing to feel him so badly.  The Other took no time at all to warm me up to his throbbing cock.  Instead, he thrust full force deep inside me making me scream out loud.  If it wasn’t for him holding my hips, I surely would have ended up flat on the bed.

The Other pummeled me non stop for what seemed like forever.  I couldn’t decide if it was more pain than pleasure, or the other way around.  All I knew was I was dripping wet for him.  Again, I tried to move, but he grabbed my cuffed wrists from between my legs and held me in place.  With one hand he contained me, with the other he held tight to my ass pressing a finger at my tight opening.  I was wondering if he would enter but was more focused on how wet he had made me.  Just as my focus had completely left my ass, he slipped his thumb inside of me sending jolts of electricity through my body.  I was on sensory overload.  Blindfolded, restrained, being pummeled by a strangers cock with no mercy, and having my ass penetrated seemed to put me over the edge.  Not only did I cum but I squirt for him, for both of them,  covering his cock and balls till he was dripping with my sweetness.  I felt him press his cock to my ass, but I moved.  I couldn’t let him.  My ass was reserved ONLY for my man.

He didn’t push the issue.  I felt him walk around the bed and I sat up on my knees and took a breath.

Dark Vanilla

I didn’t have much of a chance.  I felt HIS hand in the small of my back pushing me back down into position.

“Didn’t I tell you that your ass was mine?” He commanded.

“Yes Sir”

“Did you not understand the meaning in that?  That means NO one enters your ass but me.  Did you not understand that?” He asked sternly.

“Yes Sir, I understood,” I said as tears welled up in my eyes and slipped to my cheeks from beneath the blindfold.  I never wanted to disappoint Him.

“No.  No apparently you didn’t.  I saw him press his finger in your ass as he was fucking you.  That is unacceptable, Kitten and you need to be punished so you will learn.  Do you understand?” He asked.

“Yes Sir.”

I felt the warmth of the leather paddle rest on my ass.

“I will be nicer than I could be only because you are proving to be good for the most part tonight,” He said.

I didn’t say another word, just waited.  When the spankings began, he was gentle at first, but then they got progressively harder.  I wondered if the camera was still rolling as I gripped the bed bracing for the next Whack!

“Now Kitten, while I continue your punishment, you are going to clean your juices from his cock,” He said.

I felt the head of the Other’s cock on my lips and just as another Whack came to my already sore bum, I opened my mouth to welcome him.  The spanking continued as I licked and sucked on the Other’s throbbing member, cleaning our juices from every inch until I felt him grow just that little bit more signalling his readiness to cum.

“Sit up Kitten. Let him cum on your face and tits so I can watch,” He said.

I sat up and almost instantly felt the warmth of the Other’s seed coating my lips and chin, dripping down my neck, and covering my tits.    It was almost sweet tasting but not like my man.  No one ever tasted as good as He did.  When the Other finished, I sat there waiting for instruction.  I heard whispering, but couldn’t make out the words.  My pussy was pounding, my ass was throbbing, and I was dripping in the Other’s cum.

It was then that He came to me and took my hand.

“Come with me Kitten, I’ll lead you,” He said with a lighter tone after uncuffing my wrists.

I heard him turn on the shower and feel the temperature of the water.  He guided me into the tub, stood in there with me, and washed me gently from head to toe.  Only once I was clean did he remove my blindfold.

He grabbed my chin and tilted my head up to his.

“I love you, you are my girl and you always will be,” He said before kissing me sweetly.  He finished our shower, dried us both, then carried me to the bedroom.  The rest of the night he was gentle with me, treating me like His princess as we made love.  I fell asleep in his arms knowing that no matter what, I was safe,  I was loved, and I was His.

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