Cooking Done Right

Daddy told me that if I am going to be in the kitchen, I need to be naked.  Oh of course there is an exception to the rule, like if there are certain people over.  But sometimes, Daddy has me cook for some of his other friends and still be without clothes.  He was kind enough to buy me a pretty little apron to wear.  It’s one that covers my whole front from top to bottom, but for the most part, Daddy has me leave the top part down so he can see my tits while I cook.  Oh and he LOVES to look at my ass with only the apron tied above it, around my waist.

Sometimes Daddy will come up behind me when I am cooking and lick my ass before sliding his fingers into my pussy.  Sometimes he will stand behind me just for a minute and slide his fingers in and out just to tease before making me lick my juices from him.  Other times, he will pull up a chair and pump his fingers in and out of me relentlessly while I cook, but I have to try not to get too distracted because Daddy doesn’t like his food to be overcooked or late to the table!

Cooking Done Right

Once in awhile, when Daddy sees that I have come to a stopping point and I am waiting for water to boil or a meal to cook, he will put a hand to the back of my neck, push me down onto the table or counter and fuck me fast and hard from behind until the cooking timer goes off!  I must say, I do like when I have to make pasta!  A watched pot never boils my mom used to say!

My favorite thing though is when Daddy lets me make dessert and tells me I’m a good girl for doing such a good job.  Then Daddy feeds the dessert to me off his cock for a little bit before he turns my pussy into a feast!  Oh how it tickles when he licks whipped cream or pudding from my pretty pink lips!  He does such a good job at cleaning me up before I cum for him.  I think he really likes eating fruit from my pussy when it’s covered in my juices.  He says I make strawberries that much sweeter.  Oh how I love my Daddy!

Today, I’m making Daddy cookies.  I hope he likes seeing me baking naked for him when he gets home from work.  I only want him to be happy!