3: Conversations (The House)

There are little things that are really confusing me lately.  I hear her talking to herself, but more and more it seems like she is talking to someone else.  It is as if she has conversations with someone: asking questions, giggling at times.  Some days she seems so happy, and others she has a touch of melancholy.

The curious thing is, sometimes she asks about MY house.  She asks about the colors; she asks about the garden; she asks why windows are in some locations and not others.  I don’t know if she is getting answers, but why would she ask about my house when she has hated it since the moment she walked through the door?

She has other conversations though. It turns out “the settlement” is from a fire.  Supposedly, construction was being done on her previous home and something went wrong.  It is almost amusing to me considering it was always my favorite thing: fire.

The House- Part 3

When he left that October night, I was furious.  He’d confessed everything about his affair with a much younger woman.  He said they had started a life together.  All of this happened behind my back while he was supposed to be working late nights.   I followed him that night to a house on the hill.  I must admit, it was a beautiful home…however, he was in it with his mistress.  What choice did I have but to set that house afire and burn everything and everyone in it?  What choice did I have but to cleanse them from the evil they had done?

I sat there for hours watching my masterpiece.  It was such a brilliant blaze: oranges, yellows, and reds.  I could only assume the black smoke was their evil, cheating souls.  They both burned that night from what the papers said.  A job well done.  That was all that mattered.

I guess I’ll just have to keep listening to her “conversations” to learn as much as I can about this bitch who is in my house. That’s the least I can do before I get rid of her like I have so many other who tried living here before her. I wonder what happens when she gets her “settlement”.

Part 3 of a series: The House

Originally Published on: August 13, 2014