Come Play!

Alrighty Ladies and Gentlemen it’s Thursday!  Head over to Singles Warehouse and check out In His Office.  It’s about a naughty little girl and a man who should know better.  Ah but there’s that thing called Lust that always gets in the way, right?

While you’re there, if you haven’t read my other posts, try going to the Guiltless Miss Section on Singles Warehouse and catch up.

In other news, I am watching House and there is a study on a guy who has a dominatrix.  When House called her sub a freak she said, “He’s not a freak….it’s not about pain.  It’s about being open, completely vulnerable to another person.  If you can learn to be that deeply trusting, it changes you.”

That’s where my head is right now, teetering on the openness or leaving bricks up in the wall.  I want the openness.

Go read people.  Leave comments after the post so the Singles Warehouse people know you love me 🙂

5 thoughts on “Come Play!

  1. Great story! I have a thing about having to be quiet for one reason or another. One of the hottest times my husband and I ever had was trying to be silent while fucking just down the hall from his mom and dad’s room one night. It was hard, but

  2. I loved it! I enjoy a vocal lover! But I also enjoy the challenge of silence during a hot lovemaking session! Can’t wait till the next installment to see what naughty thoughts keep you occupied daily! Thanks for turning me onto your writing! 💋

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