Challenge Accepted

Happy Titty Tuesday Babies,  This literally just manifested within me.  Do you think I have some pent up energy?  Enjoy!

From: Guiltless Miss
To: Master
Subject: Challenge Accepted

You didn’t think I would do it did you?  You should know better than to challenge me.  I’ve become your little pet and have settled into letting you control everything.  Words can’t describe how much I love that, but there is still a feistiness inside that I can’t control.  You have to remember how I was when you met me.  That fire still burns.

I woke this morning to a knock on the door.  The roses were beautiful baby, but your note ignited the fire more than ever.  “I hear you talk in your sleep. You dream of control you’ll never have.  Don’t forget who is top dog, Princess.  I Love you, but I am your Master.”

I’m not sure why this came across so wrong in my mind.  Maybe it was because of my sudden waking.  All I know is I felt a challenge was presented and my ego surfaced.  When I walked into your work dressed in my corset, little skirt with no panties, and thigh high boots, all eyes turned my way.  I know it turns you on when everyone looks at your Princess.  You have the prize no one can touch but yourself.  You saw the look in my eyes before I even reached you.  You knew what was coming didn’t you?

Did it turn you on when I put the collar on you?  I never said one word as I walked to you, straddled your lap, and snugged the collar around your neck.  I decided a leash was too degrading but you had no problem following when I lead you with my finger through the chain loop.  I wasn’t even thinking about how at any point you could have forced your hand and made sure I knew you were always in control.  You enjoyed my little game, didn’t you?

How did it feel as I walked you into the conference room and dismissed your coworker because we had “unfinished business”?  Did you feel humbled?  No, I bet you felt proud.  The look on your coworker’s face was priceless, I must admit.  When I pushed you down onto the conference table, you thought I was going to take care of you.  I saw the look in your eye.  You thought I was going to be a good girl and go down on you, didn’t you?  It was such a rush climbing on top of you and pinning your arms to your body.    When I kissed you, nibbled on your lips, and sucked on your tongue, I could tell you were excited.  I backed off quickly though and brought my pussy to your face.  It felt so good to move so swiftly above you giving you no choice but to start eating my pretty pink slit right then and there.  Your tongue instantly started lapping my juices as my hips moved fervishly back and forth riding your face.  It felt so good to have that burning desire raging inside of me.  I forgot how good it feels to have control. 

I felt your hands move to my hips and leaned back to grab your collar and correct you.  I didn’t tell you to move.  I didn’t want you to think you were going to take over.   This was my game and you were my pet.  I turned around so you could continue pleasing my pussy with your tongue.  This time I allowed you use of your hands so you could slide your fingers deep within my velvety walls while you sucked and nibbled my clit.  While you did that, I had to release your cock from your pants.  I saw the spot of precum on your pants and thought it was a perfect time to tease you more.

When I whipped your cock out, it was already fully erect and throbbing.  It felt so good sliding over my tongue and into my throat.  I had a plan and that plan did not include getting you off.  My little visit was all about me.  How are you feeling right now, by the way?  Are you ready to come home and get yours?  Too bad you scheduled that meeting so late in the afternoon.  Guess your cock will just continue to throb, reminding you of what your little Princess did today.

Once I felt my pussy was ready for your massive cock, I crawled down your body on hands and knees.  When I was in position I mounted your cock like a champ.  It was and always will be mine.  I proved it right then.  I showed no mercy to my tight little pussy when I opened my throbbing, pink lips with your cock head and thrust myself down the length of your shaft.  Your moan was primeval.  I’m sure your coworkers heard it.  Do you know what it sounded like?  It sounded like your Princess took total control of her new pet.  I’m sure they all wondered how I could possibly have put you in your place.  It was easier than expected. 

It felt so good to have you throbbing deep inside of me.  I love riding you.  Did you enjoy watching as my ass move up and down in front of you? Did you watch your cock glistening with my juices as I moved you completely out of me before taking you deeper into my warmth?  You always feel so good inside of me.  I love your cock.  I continued riding you until I made myself cum, but I wanted more.  I wanted the Earth to shatter with my orgasm. 

My heart fluttered when I told you to get up.  I was afraid I would lose control but quickly regained my composure.  I told you to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.  I bent over the conference table for you and spread my legs wide so you could take me.  You didn’t hesitate.  You slammed into my dripping slit like a mad man.  When you told me you were going to make me squirt and cum like never before, I relaxed a little to let you take me completely, but I kept the mental edge.  Harder and deeper you fucked me as I tried to get a grip on something.  As my screams got louder, you got rougher…just how I like it.  You tried to reach a hand around the back of my neck and I was surprised my commanding “NO!” stopped you.  You thrust into me over and over until I told you I was going to cum. I tightened my pussy around your thick shaft and let my body explode onto you.  I could feel my juices being pumped in and out of me with your cock as my legs almost gave way to the quivering.

When you said it was your turn to cum, how did it feel when i told you I wasn’t there for you?  Did you get upset when I told you to wait until you got home to cum?  Is your cock still throbbing for me, Lover?  I know it is.  I know it wants to pound the fuck out of my tight pussy until you fill me with your warm, sticky load.  Mmmmm…I can’t wait until you get home.

I am yours again, Baby.  When you come home, I will be your good little girl, your Princess.  Everything will be back to how it should be and I will take good care of you.  You will come so completely that you’ll forget all about my little outburst today and I will lick you clean like a good girl.

I just want you to remember one thing, baby…the fire still burns inside of me and I will always accept a challenge.

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