I was on the floor, on all fours, naked and begging for more.

“Oh fuck YES, give it to me,” I screamed.

My knees hurt from the carpet.  My lip hurt from biting it to try to be quieter.  My pussy was sore from playing all day long.  As I looked back in the mirror, I could see my lips stretch around that cock.  I could see how wet I was.

Face forward.  Back and forth I rocked my pretty pink parts into the cock that was there only for me.  The cock that was going to make me cum if I had to beg for it.  I reached down and stroked my clit as I continued fucking that cock.  I was so sore all over.  It was a full day of fucking.  I just couldn’t get enough.  I needed more.  Still I fucked and stroked like there was no tomorrow.

Leaning down just a little, my nipples brushed the carpet. So tender…gave me chills.  I arched my back instead trying to get more cock in me, deeper.

When a Girl Disobeys

I heard a click.  He was in the doorway.  He caught me fucking my cock toy, suction cupped to the mirror.

“Do not say a word, Little Girl,” He said in a tone I hadn’t heard before.

Tears welled up in my eyes as He walked towards me.

“Continue as you were,” He said.

Slowly, I began fucking that cock again unsure of how much trouble I was in.  I was tender and scared.  I couldn’t seem to get fully into it with the fear building up in my belly.

“FUCK THAT COCK, GIRL!” He yelled.

I cried out and backed up abruptly until the cock on the mirror was buried silicone balls deep in my pussy.  I fucked it harder and harder, my screams and moans getting louder.

“Do NOT cum, I’m guessing you did enough of that today,” He said.

I couldn’t look at Him.   I only nodded.  I couldn’t help but play with my toys.  I played all day long and none of them took care of me like He does.  He is the only one who fulfills me.

I continued fucking that cock until He grabbed my hair pulling my head up to His cock as it stood straight out of His loosened jeans.  He forced it deep in my mouth and throat.

“Keep fucking that cock while I fuck your throat.  You will NOT cum. This is now all about me.  I’m going to enjoy watching you fuck yourself while you suck me off,” He said in that tone.

I rammed that cock on the mirror deeper and harder into my swollen pussy as He fucked my throat, owning it like He does when He’s had a bad day.  It wasn’t long before I felt Him swell.

“Here you go, Girl.  Not one drop goes wasted, understand?” He told me more than asked.

I nearly gagged at the force of His seed spraying down my throat.  I couldn’t even taste it He was so deep inside me.  Tears ran from my eyes as I looked up to Him, swallowing and gagging as He finished.  He wiped the tears from my eyes, and kissed me on the forehead.  He grabbed my collar and leash, put it snugly around my neck and gave a little tug.  Even though I was in trouble, I felt a little better with my collar on.


“Now, stay there in your position with that fake cock buried deep inside you until after I have showered and had my dinner.  Sit there, without moving filled with something other than me and think about what you did.  Think about how disappointed I am in you and think about what your punishment will be,” He said as he walked into the bathroom to shower.

I sat there, cock balls deep inside of me, naked on all fours, tears running from my eyes wondering what my punishment would be for disobeying and wondering how I would make it up to Him.  I should have known I’d get caught.