A Little Stinging Never Hurt Anyone

Did you read Hot Hot Water?  You didn’t???!!!  Well you better head over there and then come back for your punishment. There’s a little Stinging Satisfaction to be had!  These should keep you busy, hot, and bothered for this beautiful Sunday afternoon! Get to it! Read More

Even With Sex…

…there are Exceptions To The Rule. Yep, it’s Thursday and YESSSS I know it’s later than usual but I have been occupying my time with some very fun conversations lately and I’m sure you would approve. Anyway Lovelies, click the link below and head over to Singles Warehouse to read a bit of a fantasy…at least for Read More

Can You Handle Some Hot Water?

It’s another day and I had an A-HA moment, so I wrote you a little story 🙂 C’mon now, you know how excited (ahem) I get to share my truth and fantasies with you! Head on over to Singles Warehouse to read Hot, Hot Water. Let’s just say…it’s part one of two.  You know I Read More

Oh It’s About to Get NAUGHTY!

Did you read Part one of the Playtime series?  The Sweetest Playtime is part one of a two part…possibly more part, story.  Oh sure, it starts off calm, but you know there is always a calm before the storm! Now the next task is to read part two, Playtime Turns Naughty. Now don’t you dare Read More

Yep, It’s Sweet

Ever have that one friend that you have always been curious about but did nothing with? Well guess what? More than likely they have been curious about you, too!!  someone needs to make a move, damn it!  So, here you go. The Sweetest Playtime just posted over on Singles Warehouse.  I hope it will combat some Read More

Could It Be Magic?

Did you know that I have a Magic Pussy??  I do!  Welcome back, my Loves 🙂  boy do we have a lot to catch up on! Now, let’s get back on track and get your minds BACK in the gutter where they belong.  Run your happy little selves over to the Naughty Section of Singles Read More

Thursday’s Ride a Cowboy

Well after an interesting conversation at the bar with an adorable cowboy,  I couldn’t help but get a little dirty and write a story.  He was super sweet like a puppy dog and kept saying how needy he was, but I saw his eyes.  There was evil in there that needed released.  Mmmm…I hope I see him Read More

Thursday-I Hate You

For some reason I can easily tell my friends that I love them, it’s true, I do.  But the words that come to mind when I have no words at all are “I Hate You”.  It’s a mix of frustration, flustration, and whatever other “ation” you can think of to match. Generally it comes out Read More

Winning The Battle on Thursday

Today’s post on Singles Warehouse is called Winning the Battle . this was FUN!! I didn’t know how it would turn out.  I was at work one night trying to think of a story line and feeling very uninspired.  One of my coworkers and I were chatting and I said, “I should write from the viewpoint Read More

Thursday’s Dirty Little Secret

Like I said last week, I am going to try to do something new.  I want to tell you what inspires my Thursday stories then link them for you. This one is just trouble.  As I sat here feeling uninspired and frustrated I was bound and determined NOT to give up.  I’m not a quitter, Read More

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