Guiltless Promoting

Well hello there!  Yes I am here and I’ve been neglecting you…kind of.  I really felt knocked down after my friend disowned me, but we emailed back and forth and I think it’s worked out for the most part.  We may never be exactly the same, but we’re ok. Part of  the reason I haven’t posted anything Read More

Naughty Debut & Randomness

Tonight is the night, Readers!  I will be debuting a Naughty guest post on the adult only site Naughty Nothings.  Check out my post tonight and make sure to look around at the other lovely stories.  Jewels had some amazing tales come her way that I am sure you will enjoy! Since my Guiltless Naughtiness Read More

A Stranger Gift

When they told me they had a gift for me, I didn’t think it was going to be something that would completely blow my mind.  Of course, my friends didn’t expect it either.  Let’s just say, from here on out, things will never be the same. I had taken the summer off and as usual decided Read More