4: The Porch (The House)

Sitting here on the porch watching her in the garden is the best entertainment I’ve had in months.  What is she doing out there?  It’s more than obvious that her hands have never touched dirt let alone the soil of the land.  I must say, each time she reaches to wipe the sweat from her Read More

5: Discovery (The House)

“JOHN!!!” The scream woke me, but was that my voice…or hers? “JOHN!! NO! JOHN!! Oh My God!!” Hers. As I run downstairs to see what the bitch is screaming about, 100 things pass through my thoughts.  But mostly, why is she calling THAT name? The name of my dead, cheating husband? I can feel the Read More

6: The Attic (The House)

Not only did he rip my heart from my chest, he tore it to pieces and threw it away like it never mattered at all Read More

7: As Fate Would Have It (The House)

Hanging here, listening to the ceiling boards creak, rope tightened around my neck, all I can do is look at John with tears streaming down my cheeks. “Tell me you didn’t, Beverly! How could you do this to yourself?!” “You left me John.  You left me for her.  After I set the fire, I got Read More

1: HIM (Darkness of Eve)

I wish I could answer her question.  It was the only thing she had said to me all day, and I couldn’t tell her yes or no.  I didn’t know for sure. “Is he the one?” she asked as she looked up to me with tears in her eyes. “I hope so,” I said answering Read More

2: Turning of Eve (Darkness of Eve)

“YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!” she screamed,her little face turning beet red. No, I’m not, but that was beside the point.  Eve had been in my life since she was a little one and I was the only person she could count on, the only person who knew her secrets. “Please just go away, I Read More

3: Locked Doors (Darkness of Eve)

I wonder sometimes how Eve came into my life.  Actually, I know nothing at all about my life before Eve.  The first things I remember are from when she was 4 years old (at least, she told me she was 4).  I’ve asked questions of the people nearest me and I’ve talked to my doctors. Read More

4: Emptiness (Darkness of Eve)

Like any teenager, Eve had a dark side. She wasn’t a bad kid by any means, she held good grades, she did her chores, she even offered to pet sit or babysit the neighbor’s clan when they leave town or go out for the night.  But, just like the rest…maybe more than the rest, I Read More

5: Then Came The Night (Darkness of Eve)

“What are you doing here?” I asked Eve. “What do you mean? I’m eating breakfast!” she said. “No, no. I mean, you are making me crazy with anticipation! What did you figure out about HIM?!” “Oh. That.  Well….” she said with her head cocked to the left, “I need to ask you some questions first.” Read More

6: The Darkness (Darkness of Eve)

Darkness. And silence. It makes me want to hold my breath to slow my heart from beating so loudly in my ears. I feel like I’ve been lingering here forever… At least years anyway. Last I remember were her screams.  I never called her mom.  She wasn’t my mother, but now, being so alone, I Read More

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