I have no idea how long I have been handcuffed here, but I’m starting to get worried.  I must have passed out for a while.  If I could kick myself for not having a cuff key with me I would, but it’s not quite that easy when I’m on my back on the floor of a van.  OK,  let me think about this.

When I saw him, I had been with a group of my friends at an outdoor concert.  I can still hear it going on so at least I know it’s still the same day or it seems to be night now; it is a two-day festival.  I didn’t mean to catch his eye.  It just seems that my head automatically turns when I see a bald guy.  I stole a glance from him then he looked back at his partner, but it was enough for me to know I had to go talk to him.  He was about 6’4″, muscular build, arms sleeved in tattoos, and the best part?  He was in uniform.  Lucky me, 15,000 people and I get the hots for the one who has to be a Department of Public Safety Officer.

My friends knew right away that I was interested.  They heard the giggle squeak thing I unconsciously do that makes me sound like such a little girl.  Ugh I hate it.  They kept prodding me to approach him.  The more I said no, the more I knew I wanted to.   I could feel the blush rising on my chest and neck.

“Be right back,” I said.  It was time to put on my big girl panties and be the aggressor in this situation.  I approached him from the side and when he turned his head towards me, he watched as I continued walking towards him.   He furrowed his brow and I tried not to giggle as I continued my slow walk towards him.   I lightly touched his arm as I moved in front of him.  He cocked his head to the side and grinned at me.

“And what can I do for you?”  he asked still grinning.  His partner looked at me, shook his head side to side, and motioned to my Officer that he was going to step aside.

“For me, with me, to me…doesn’t matter.  It’s up to you.”

“Oh really? Well that’s interesting.  Do you really want to leave things up to me?” he asked

“Yes, I think I do.  I know you’re working though so….”

“Hold on.  Stop right there.  I need to do a round with my partner and then I will come looking for you.  Give me your number in case I miss you somehow,” he said.

I gave him my number and took my phone off  airplane mode so his text or call would go through.  I had nearly forgotten about him when I felt a body press up behind me: a hard, tall body.  He put his hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear, “Come with me.”

I told my friends not to come looking for me and I walked off with my Officer.  He led me by the arm with a tightened grip through the crowd and out to the parking lot where he finally spoke to me.

“Sorry, we couldn’t stay in there since I am on duty,” he said.

“It’s OK.  I’m sorry I approached you like I did.  I’m sure your partner gave you some hell”

“No, it’s fine.  I like when little girls approach me and tell me I have control of them,” he said with that grin.  We kept walking towards a side lot where I could see state official vehicles parked.  We got to a big, white Dodge van, he looked at me for a second.

“Is that what I said?” I couldn’t conceal the biggest smile.

“The implication was there,” he said.   Without hesitation he grabbed both of my biceps, pulled me into a deep kiss, and pushed me against the van.  His hand was fast enough to go to the back of my head so I didn’t thump it on the hard metal side panel.  Locked in that kiss, I had no questions or thoughts, just the butterflies in my stomach and a patch of wetness between my legs.

He released me, unlocked the van and told me to get in the driver’s side.  He got in cranked the air conditioning and turned on the radio.

“Are you ready to be my captive for the next couple hours,  Little Girl?”

I couldn’t say anything, just shook my head yes.

“What was that?” he asked leaning into me.

“Yes Sir,” I said looking up to him.  He took off his uniform shirt as I watched, then leaned towards me again.

He looked to the front of the van, took a breath and said, “Let’s go in the back.”

I climbed back there first and he followed, hands around my waist.  He grabbed some blankets from a pile and threw them down.  I kneeled to get comfortable and he kneeled behind me.  One hand slipped around my waist and the other across my chest to my throat.  He turned my head towards him.

“Mine,” he whispered before kissing me again.  He tightened the grip on my throat and pulled me tight against his bare chest all while keeping the kiss.  All I could do was lean my head back to get more of that strong tongue to suck on.  His hands went to my waist.  He lifted my tank top off, threw it in the corner, then pushed me forward into doggie style.  I could feel him throbbing against me through his pants and he leaned over me.  He massaged my tits and pinched my nipples as he kissed down my spine.  Mmmm that was nice.  Between the excitement from him and the air conditioning, goose bumps were popping up on my bare skin.

When his kisses got to the waistband of my shorts, he eased them down slowly revealing a pretty little pair of pink panties.  His fingers hooked into them and pulled them down also.  He moved them from my legs and threw them in the same corner as my top.  Kneeling naked doggie style in front of a hot, tattooed cop, I finally felt a bit vulnerable.  But…being who I am, the excitement got me even wetter.

His fingers found their way to my pretty pink folds and he barely dipped inside of me.

“You’re already so wet.  You like this, don’t you? You’re a naughty Little Girl,” he said as he alternated between rubbing  my juices on my clit and dipping inside my tight pussy.  I leaned back into him, forcing his fingers deeper into me.  “Yeah, you want it,” he growled.

One hand went to my hip and it began.  He plunged his fingers in and out of me with such force, it was a good thing he was holding onto me!  My moaning was loud and I was thankful for the radio being on.  I arched my back towards him, bringing his fingers deeper and making him hit my soft bundle of nerves inside.  I began to squirm, begging for more but telling him no as I got closer to cumming.  Of course he didn’t let up.

“Squirt for me Little Girl.  I know you can.  I want to taste every drop from you before I fuck you like the naughty girl you are,” he said pressing down on the small of my back as I continued leaning into him.

“Oh fuck yes baby!!  Oh fuck, oh God…mmmm,” I moaned and screamed as he pummeled me with his fingers, fucking me with such depth that I couldn’t wait to have the rest of him inside me.  With that thought, my body began to shake then release.  I let go and did as he asked.  I squirt and cum for him as he finger fucked me through the orgasm.  I could smell the scent of my sex filling the van.  When my orgasm subsided, he dipped down and licked my pussy gently at first.  It felt so good…so calming, until his tongue went inside me and I heard him moan.

“I’m not nearly finished with you,” he whispered…

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