Captive ‘Continued’

Trust me my loves, begin reading part one: Captive

“Oh fuck yes baby!!  Oh fuck, oh God…mmmm,” I moaned and screamed as he pummeled me with his fingers, fucking me with such depth that I couldn’t wait to have the rest of him inside me.  With that thought, my body began to shake then release.  I let go and did as he asked.  I squirt and cum for him as he finger fucked me through the orgasm.  I could smell the scent of my sex filling the van.  When my orgasm subsided, he dipped down and licked my pussy gently at first.  It felt so good…so calming, until his tongue went inside me and I heard him moan.

“I’m not nearly finished with you,” he whispered…

He dipped back down and finished licking my juices from my inner thighs and pussy then with one swift move, he grabbed my hip and flipped me onto my back.  I hit the van floor hard enough to almost knock the wind out of me.  I barely had time to recover and he was atop me pinning my wrists beside my head and kissing me deeply.  I could taste my sex on his tongue and lips as he roughed me up with his mouth nipping, biting, filling my mouth with his tongue.  He was the aggressive type I liked best: the kind who literally takes my breath away.

He kept my wrists pinned as he kissed down my jaw line to my neck, biting me hard enough that I knew I would bruise if he hadn’t drawn blood.  His kisses moved down to my nipples, sucking them in and nibbling them hard enough to make me squirm but not so hard that I couldn’t handle it. I think he was balancing out what he had done to my neck.  I wrapped my legs around his hips bringing him in closer to me and he laughed an evil laugh. Uh oh.  He released my wrists, grabbed my thighs and pushed my knees next to my head.  The look he gave me made me realize I was in trouble….a very good trouble.    He sat back , licked my pussy one more time, the he came forward still holding me captive, kneeling above me.  His cock was fully erect and huge.  It looks amazing as it throbbed for me ready to spear its victim.

I had a feeling he wasn’t going to play nice and I was right.  He didn’t tease,  he didn’t ease himself in.  He plunged deep into my pussy making me scream and squirm but yet cum at the same time.  I couldn’t believe the excitement he aroused in me.  He fucked me through that orgasm and another before he let up speed.

“How ya doin’, Little Girl?  You ready for me to stop fucking your tight little pussy yet?” he asked.  I shook my head no.  I wanted more.  I wasn’t ready to give in.  He laughed at me again and pulled out.  I whimpered from the emptiness and felt my juices running down my slit to the blanket below me.  He bounced the head of his cock off my sensitive clit and watched me squirm.

“Please give it to me,” I begged

“What was that, Little Girl? Did you have something to say? he asked.

“Please fuck me…I need more.”

“Tell me what you think of this cock,” he said taking it into his meaty hand and stroking it.

“I love your cock, Officer.  It feels so good.  Please give me some more”

“Good Little Girl, now roll over,” he commanded.  I rolled onto my tummy already feeling how tender I was between my legs.

“Now reach into that case in front of you and grab the cuffs,” he said.  I reached in and pulled out a set of cold, silver cuffs attached to each other by a two foot chain.  I turned to hand them to him timidly but he corrected me.

“Put them on but hook them through the ring at the bottom of the center console,” he said.   Between the front seats is a metal box with an O ring type thing with a clasp.  I slipped the chain through and slapped the cuff on one wrist.  I looked back at him curiously.

“Go ahead, Little Girl.  It’s ok”  he assured me.  I slapped the other cuff on.  Here I was on my tummy cuffed to the van with a giant horny cop as my master.  What was I thinking.  He reached forward and grasped my throat, pulling me back towards him.  When the chain was taut and my back was arched, he seemed satisfied.

“Now…we’re gonna have some fun,” he cooed.  He parted my legs and pressed the swollen head of his cock against my ass.  I felt him spit on me, lubing me up for what was to come.  “That’s Love,” I thought.  I tried to relax which was oddly easy though his hand tightened around my throat as he slid his cock in my ass ever so slowly.  Inch by inch he eased himself deep inside of me holding my throat with one hand and the small of my back with the other.  When he was balls deep he stayed there for a minute.  I could feel him breathing against my arched back.  My heart quickened as I knew what was next.  He was going to Own my ass.

He pulled out slowly at first keeping the head of his cock inside me.  Then it was game on.  He pummeled my ass for what seemed like forever and I could say nothing but moan.  I came for him a couple more times as he fucked me like the machine he was built to be.  I was dripping, soaked, ready for him to cum for me.  I felt him push just a little deeper and the animalistic moan that came from him almost scared me.  He gripped my throat tighter…and that’s all I remember.

I have no idea how long I have been handcuffed here, but I’m starting to get worried. I know I passed out for a while.  If I could kick myself for not having a cuff key with me I would, but it’s not quite that easy when I’m on my back on the floor of a van.  At least I had enough chain to flip over.  It’s hard to breathe on my tummy.

I hear keys in the sliding door.  Officer pushes it open and looks at me.  He has water bottles in hand.

“How’s my Little Girl?  I’m sorry.  I must have squeezed too hard and cut off your airway when I was cumming so deep in your tight little ass.  But…you took it like a champ,” he said.  He crawls in closing the door behind him.  He slides next to me and rolls a cold water along my body.  I twitch at the coldness but it feels good.

“Are you ready for round 2?” he asks with that grin.

“Yes Officer….”





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