Breathing Him In

All I wanted to do was cuddle up in bed and sleep.  It had been a long day and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to shut off my brain, but I headed towards the bedroom.  Once I was cleaned up and in my nightshirt, I pulled down the covers and nestled in.  Then it hit me.  I could smell him on my pillows.  His scent embraced me and he was with me once again, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck.  My thoughts calmed but my heart beat quickened and I could feel a tingling sensation in my pink parts.

I slid my hand out from under my pillow and down my body cupping my tits, rolling my nipples between my fingers.  I rolled onto my back and traced my curves, teasing my skin into goosebumps.  I kept my eyes closed and focused on his scent, imagining him with me.  My breath quickened to a pant and I could feel my blood pumping to my girl parts.

Slowly, I moved my index finger down towards my mound and circled my lips applying more pressure little by little as I moved closer to my clit.  I needed to touch every inch of myself: I knew he would do the same.  I dipped my fingers just barely inside my wetness then stroked myself imagining his tongue flicking on my clit followed by long strokes up and down the length of my moist little pussy.

I was teasing myself almost too much as shock waves of pleasure echoed though my body.  I wanted him so bad.  I rolled over on my tummy and pulled my knees beneath me leaning my tits into the mattress.  I reached between my legs with first one finger, then two pushing and pulling them into my tight little hole in long strokes.  Each time I dipped into my wetness, I rubbed against that bundle of nerves making me moan his name as I imagined him inside of me.

I pumped my ass up and down imagining the heat of his body caressing my ass, his hands tight on my hips.  My pussy swallowed my fingers with each thrust as I began furiously pumping deeper and deeper moaning louder each time.  I had to settle, I wasn’t ready to cum yet.  I brought by fingers up my tummy, between my tits and to my lips trailing my sweet sticky nectar along my skin.  I tasted myself, wishing he had been there for me to lick him instead.

Rolling onto my back, I brushed my hardened nipples on the mattress.  I was so sensitive, I yelped surprising myself.  Again I traced my curves this time with both hands down to my throbbing slit.  My pussy was dripping and slick.  I dipped two fingers into my pussy, pulled them out and moistened my clit and lips, then plunged back in.  One hand was assaulting my hard, swollen clit bringing me closer to climax while my other hand  furiously fucked my pussy.

I arched my back trying to penetrate deeper, my eyes still closed breathing in his scent.  I was totally consumed imagining his eyes looking into mine, his arms tightly around me-protecting me. I imagined his mouth on mine teasing my lips and tongue with his own.  I wanted him so bad.  There was nothing I wanted more.

In my head, I heard his voice, “Cum for me, Kitten”.  I felt his hands on me, helping me bring myself to climax and I lost all control.  My moans turned to screams as I called out his name.  I trembled out of control and gushed around the fingers pumping inside of me.  I continued fucking myself, riding out my orgasm until the waves of climax subsided.

Slowly I pulled my fingers from my pussy with a pop! and softly rubbed my swollen pink parts soothing them as he would.  I laid there catching my breath for what seemed like forever before curling up with the pillows that smelled like him and drifting off into a dream where surely he would be.