Breakfast and a Delivery

Happy Star Wars Day my loves! May the Fourth be with you 🙂  Yes I am a bit of a geek sometimes.  I’m posting a day early just because this little bit happened to come flying out of my keyboard.  Enjoy it, readers…

It doesn’t matter if I had a full apartment set up in my former city, there was always something I needed when I moved to a new location.  This time, it was something major and I was just waiting on “Brown Santa” to deliver the goods.  I had been in my new apartment for 3 weeks and moved across country just to get there.  I had plenty of friends in the area, a great job, and the future looked good.  Only one thing was missing…someone to help me relieve some sexual tension.  All of my friends were married so meeting single guys had proved challenging, at least to begin with. 

As I was checking my emails, there was a knock on the door.  It had seemed too early for a UPS delivery, but if he was bringing my order, I sure wouldn’t complain.  I opened the door and was surprised to see my friend Thomas standing there with a grocery bag full of stuff.  “Cute,” he said referring to my clothing.  It was my day off and since I had no one to impress, I wore my comfy pink booty shorts and a tight little matching tank top.  I blushed as I realized his eyes barely left my top half.  I understood his reaction since he probably hadn’t realized exactly how busty I am.  I had become a master at disguising the Triple D’s or accentuating my legs just to even my body out a bit. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I was running errands and decided to bring you breakfast,” he said with a little grin. 

I watched as he unpacked the grocery bag.  I couldn’t help but be attentive to his every move.  I had the biggest crush on him since I had started talking to him online quite some time ago and being near him made matters worse, but he was married so all I could do was be a good girl and a good friend.  As we stood side by side, he unpacked apple juice, eggs, bacon, strawberries, Hershey’s syrup, bread, tomato, cheese, and lettuce.

“I’m making BLT’s with some eggs on the side…so go away and let me do what I came to do.” He attempted to say it sternly but we both ended up in a giggle fit. 

“As you wish,” I said and grabbed a seat at the breakfast bar.  I watched as he began whipping up breakfast.  He was close to my height, pretty blue eyes, a great head of brown hair that I just wanted to grab as I envisioned him between my legs, and beneath his scruffiness he had the most perfect lips that I wanted to bite.  Sigh.

We chatted about random things as he cooked and then sat at the dining table to eat once he had everything perfectly laid out on the plates as he wanted them.  Once we finished our BLT’s and eggs, he took our dishes to the kitchen and returned with strawberries.  They were laid out on a plate and drizzled in Hershey’s syrup.  They were so pretty and so sexy.  My heart started beating harder.  Thomas wasn’t aware of the fact that I thought strawberries were the sexiest fruit on the planet, and he also wasn’t aware that I horny as hell.

There was a knock on the door.  My eyes got big.  I had forgotten I was expecting a package from “Brown Santa” and I didn’t know how I was going to handle it with Thomas there.  I opened the door to a decent looking, older man in his brown UPS uniform.  He handed me a medium sized box and an electronic clipboard.  After I signed for my package, I closed the door, slipped the package on the kitchen counter and sat back down with Thomas and strawberries.

“What did you get?” he asked.

“Nothing special” I lied as I grabbed a strawberry.

“Uh uh.  You can’t touch those until you tell me what’s in the box,” he grinned.

I sighed, bit my bottom lip, and shook my head.  “Tell you what,” I said, “You feed me one of those strawberries and we’ll open the box together.”  He reached down to the plate, swirled one of the bigger strawberries around in the chocolate, and brought it to my lips.  I paused.  I took a breath, looked him in the eyes, and opened just enough to let the strawberry caress my lips.  I swirled my tongue around the strawberry tip full of chocolate and then took a gentle bite all the while keeping eye contact with my crush.  He had no words, but a big smile crept across his face and a little “huh” escaped his lips.

I got up, grabbed the delivery box and a knife, and brought them to the table.  I was breathing harder not able to control the thoughts in my head.  When I got the box open, another box was inside wrapped in bubble wrap.  I could see that it said “Ultimate Lightsaber” and had a photo of a very erotic looking lady on the front who was pleasuring herself.

Thomas grabbed the bubble wrapped box from me and as he was unwrapping it said, “Oh ho!! What do we have here, Miss?!”  My face went beat red, but I sat there.  “Have you ever handled a lightsaber of such caliber?  I think you may need adult supervision,” he teased.

“Oh really?” I asked, “and where do I find this adult to assist me with such a matter?”

He pointed a thumb at his chest, grabbed the toy, took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom.  I didn’t know what to say or do at that point.  I was just treated to a lovely, surprise breakfast and was being lead to debauchery by someone that I adored.  I didn’t particularly want to fight it and he knew it.  I was wrapped around his finger from day one.  He took the lightsaber out of the box and hit a button making it come to life with vibrations.  He kind of giggled as he casually undressed holding my new toy and examining it’s features.  When he came to me, I had already slipped out of my tank and booty shorts and was trying not to get too excited.

He took the vibrating lightsaber and pressed it against my mound.  I squirmed a little and he pressed it further reaching my clit.  I moaned as it sent shivers through my body.  Thomas moved the toy up and down along my lips and clit until I was completely awake and throbbing.  He pushed another button and the ring between the handle and the lightsaber itself started rotating.  He moved it down my slit and slipped it into my already wet pussy.  Between the vibrating, the rotating, and just being there with him I was more excited than I had been in months.

When I reached up to grab my nipples which were standing at attention, he leaned forward and took one of my nipples in his mouth, biting it as he continued pumping me slowly with my new toy.  He knew just how to angle it so hit hit my G spot and sent me into spasms.  I rocked my hips as he moved the lightsaber within me.  I couldn’t control my moans as he nibbled his way between nipples, down my tummy, and to my inner thighs.  “I need to cum, please baby,” I begged.  He shushed me as he worked his way back up to my mouth and kissed my lips.  As he was doing this, the speed in vibrations and rotations changed…high, low, high low.  Each time it went to low, I whimpered and I felt him grin.

I grabbed the sheets feeling my orgasm building and he slid down towards my pussy.  He continued thrusting the lightsaber deeper inside of me as his lips and tongue met my clit.  “I’m gonna cum, baby” I said breathlessly.  He took the lightsaber from the wetness of my pussy and said, “I’m gonna suck the cum right out of you, I want every drop.”  I felt his tongue enter my pussy, his nose rubbing on my clit, his hands on my hips holding me still so I couldn’t squirm away from the climax that was on it’s way.  He got more aggressive with his tongue and nibbling and I couldn’t hold back any longer.  My whole body went into trembles and I came hard for him.  I gave him months worth of stored up energy and he lapped up every drop just as he had promised.  As my climax subsided and all that was left was a slight quivering in my legs, he stood up.

“Hope you don’t mind that I stopped by.  We should do breakfast more often” he said as he slowly began getting dressed.  He came over to me, kissed my forehead and I thanked him for breakfast and for “Supervising” me with my new toy.  “Just remember,” he said, “You need supervision with that lightsaber.  I don’t expect you to use it unless I am here to make sure you can handle it properly.”

“As you wish,” I said with a smile.  As he walked out the door I realized what I had just done.  I had given him complete control of when and how I would use my new toy and honestly I was completely alright with that and looking forward to the next surprise visit.

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  1. THAT was fucking BRILLIANT!! I so hope that you’re going to do that guest post for Jewels soon because I loved this!

  2. mwauh haha. Oh she had something for me alright! 😉 Be jealous that I’ve already read it and get excited for Friday.

    GM-this was incredibly sexy, as always. I think I connect so much with your naughty tales because I prefer the dominant men in the bedroom too. These tales have you taking advantage of every sexual opportunity where I’d probably balk and I LOVE that!

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