Break Time

I’m sorry readers.  I couldn’t wait until next week to post something secret sexy.  Can we take a break?  Hope you don’t mind…This was inspired by a friend.  I just made it my own with a twist.  I”m sure he wouldn’t mind.
Hey Handsome 🙂
That was amazing!!  I can’t believe we pulled that off!!!  I’m really looking forward to trying something like that again.  It was such a rush knowing that we could have been caught at any moment.
When I told you I was coming over for quickie I fully expected you to laugh and call me crazy.  But when you asked if I thought we could actually pull it off, I was instantly wet thinking about you bending me over outside in the darkness of the back parking lot.
I know you were just as nervous about it as I was.  But I also knew you were just as horny too.  I fantasized about what we’d do and how we’d do it the entire time I was driving over.  When I text you that I was out back, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you snuck out.  I did as I was asked and wore that cute dress and left my panties at home.  You were going to need easy access to me in order to complete this mission.
This was probably the break from work you anticipated most!  I was planning our options and was happy to see a picnic table in the back lot put there specifically for break time.  In the darkness with my back to the building, you snuck out of the shadows and grabbed my wrists, pulling them behind my back.  I struggled for a moment until you squeezed my wrists more firmly than before, making sure I knew you were in control tonight.
I think you liked how I tried to resist yet did not scream as you pushed me in to the darkness and bent me over the picnic table.  Within moments you had your tongue between the lips of my sweet, wet hole, pushing it further and further inside me.  You know I approved the way I spread my legs for you and arched my back giving you perfect access to my tender pussy.  I did a fairly good job at maintaining my composure as you brought me to my first orgasm.  I bet my juices never tasted sweeter.

You always say I have such a sexy way of begging for cock.  I know it’s hard to resist not jumping in to the main event and I do know that you like to enjoy your time with me.  Although it wasn’t your plan initially, you just had to feel my wet mouth around you before you continued. Still clasping my wrists firmly in your hand, you tugged me down to the ground to my knees and using your free hand you released your pants and let your cock fall against my face.  And just as you asked, I simply held my mouth open for you and followed your guidance.  My body was like your puppet as you gripped my wrists and pulled me closer, pushing your cock deep into my mouth.  You seemed to really enjoyed the slow, deliberate movements in and out of my sexy mouth.  My tongue nearly sent you over the edge more than a couple of times and it I’m sure it wasn’t easy trying not to cum in my mouth right there.  I bet you would have loved to see your cum dribble from my lips but that had to be another time. 

I was doing so good at following your commands but you finally had to stop me after you said you were getting close and I intensified my efforts to make you cum.  At that point I was being naughty and trying to make you cum in my mouth.  I knew that I could quickly get you ready for round two but tonight was going to have to be abbreviated.  This was supposed to be a quickie after all.

You were almost a little too forceful as you pulled me to my feet and lifted me up to the table.  You felt me grab your cock and try to pull you towards me but you had other plans.  You wanted me to cum again.  You just love my pussy and the way I cum in your mouth as you please me.  I think you might be addicted to my juices.

And you didn’t have to wait long for them!  My second orgasm came easily after you laid me back on the table.  My strappy heals looked amazing resting on the edge of the table as you devoured my love and used your fingers to get me off a second time.

After that you couldn’t wait any longer.  You had to be inside my sex.  With your pants still around your ankles you plunged yourself in to me.  I’m not sure which one of us moaned louder at the moment but I’m just glad nobody came outside to investigate.

My plan had been to fuck you wildly and to get you to cum as quickly as I could but it didn’t quite work out that way huh?  You were really close at first as you stood there pounding away on my juicy little slit but once you climbed on top of me and felt my legs wrap around you, you just didn’t want that feeling to end.  We must have fucked like that for a good ten or fifteen minutes before a stray dog began to bark.  And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I think his barking did an excellent job of masking your grunts as you unloaded your hot, sticky cum deep inside of me.  And… I’m sorry if I was really loud in your ear.  I just got caught up in the moment and it seriously felt like my orgasm just keep going and going, and I swear it felt like my pussy was jacking you off inside of me!

It was hard not going a second round with you but it was getting late and I know you needed to get back inside. You are amazing.  I had such a fun time! I can’t wait to do something like that again!!


PS.  You should visit the back lot and the picnic table before you come home tonight and see the remnants of our love-making on the edge of the table.  I want you to be instantly hard again for me!  I wonder if anyone will notice or say anything??  Crazy, I know.  I can’t wait for next time!

4 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Well done! This is fantastically written and very descriptive. I’d take one of those breaks any day. Business’s should incorporate those instead of “smoke breaks” and I’m sure everyone would be much happier.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I definately want my readers to feel what I write. I agree about special breaks, but I would never go back to work…perhaps a headset so I can still be on the phone between moans?

  2. And now….I will never look at a picnic table the same way again…… 🙂 You definetly have a talent for this type of writing….. to say the least…… understatement of the century…… 🙂

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