Bound For Pleasure


I peek from around the kitchen wall to see her open the door for him.  He’s tall- taller than anyone else I have seen.  He greets her on tip toes with a hug as he walks inside and I hear her little voice, “I missed you.”  He hugs her tighter before she leads him to the bedroom.  Ahhh…one of those visits.  Seems her friends don’t often stay long enough to meet “the room-mate” or if they do stay the night, they stay in the bedroom.  I’m kind of jealous.

Why am I jealous?  She’s mine.  I love her.  I love the sound of her voice, the way she touches me as she walks by, the way she looks at me.  She probably has no idea that I watch her when she sleeps.  Sounds weird, I know, but in a sense I’m just protecting her.  I know her breathing pattern.  I know when her nightmares come.  All it takes sometimes is a little pat on the hand and she wakes from them.  Damn it I hate when someone else is in her bed!

Her giggle makes me curious enough to move so I can see what’s going on.   I think she leaves the bedroom door open to torment me, honestly.  As I move towards the couch I can see he already has her undressed and is kissing her from neck to tummy.  Fast bastard.  She pulls his shirt over his head and returns the kisses.  Her hands move over his shoulders and back slowly, she’s always so good with her hands.  I can see the goosebumps on his skin.

“Come here, Kitten,” he says.

She moves further into his arms and he lays her on her back kissing her, sucking her lips and tongue.  He may be a giant, but he’s more gentle with her than anyone I have seen.  She tries to wrap her legs around him but he presses her thighs to the bed.

“Be still.  Let me do the work today,” he says.

She giggles and I can see the look in her eyes.  She’s such a sucker for sweetness, such a sucker for the guys who claim they want to take care of her.  Stupid girl.  I watch as he takes one wrist then the other and moves them to the headboard.  She grabs on as he fastens the wrist restraints.  She loves this, I know.  I can almost feel her excitement in the air.  I move to the other chair for a better view.  Obviously they don’t care that I watch.  They probably enjoy it.  He kisses her forehead and her eyes close.   Her sweetness kills me.  He kisses down her body running his hands down her sides and she twitches from the tickle.  He parts her legs as she looks at him, biting her lip but still smiling.  His face moves to her soft mound and he laps at her making her squirm as he takes off his pants.  Slick Fucker.  I’m not sure I like him even if he is sweet to her.

For a few minutes he just licks her from the bottom of her slit to the top, bottom to top in long slow strokes as she tries not to squirm.  She’s breathing deeper trying to contain herself, I can tell.  When finally he slips his tongue in her wet, pink hole she moans out and I can see a smile on his face.  He rubs her clit with those big meaty fingers as he plunges his tongue in and out of her.  I’ve honestly never seen hands that big.  His pace quickens and her back arches but he holds her in place.  I can almost see the bruises forming on her thighs already.  She leans her head further back.

“I’m going to cum, baby!”

“Go ahead, Kitten.  I need to taste you.  Give it to me,” he growls.

He goes back to work on her and it’s not long before she lets loose with a flood of glistening juices.  He laps it up with a thirst I have never seen.  He continues his mini assault until she lays flat and her breathing subsides.  He moves up her body kissing her tummy and sucking on her nipples.  She seems calmer now than she has all day.  Apparently she needed that release.  For a minute he lays next to her trailing his fingers between her breasts and down her belly.  Each time she twitches and tries not to giggle.

“Are you ready for more?” he asks. 

She only nods her head as she lays there still in restraints.  He rolls on top of her grabbing her wrists atop of the restraints.  It’s almost like she melts the minute he holds her like that.  He slips between her legs and she wraps them tightly around his waist.  I can see him teasing her, hovering just near her pussy but not entering.  Her whimpering is cute, I must say.  It’s almost amusing to watch him tease.  She’s such a little girl sometimes!  I can still see her wetness glistening on her pink parts as he barely enters her.

“Give it to me, Baby.  Please?”

He smiles and engulfs her with a kiss, swallowing her scream as he thrusts deep inside of her, showing no mercy.  He pummels her over and over as she moans and screams for more.  I can see her gushing with wetness as a puddle spreads beneath them.  He seems to be getting bigger, if that’s even possible.  Non stop he enters and drives deeper into her, moving her with his thrusts.  As he starts to get louder, I know this torture is almost finished.

“Cum with me Kitten,” he says.

With that he fucks her deeper with every stroke, harder, longer.  The moaning gets louder as the bed moves from the force.  Finally they both cry out and I can tell he is finishing inside her.  It seems like he is rougher for a minute and then he slows until he is laying on top of her.  He’s still inside of her, but they’re quiet, just breathing together.  When he finally rolls off, the sticky wetness drips from her swollen pink parts to the bed.  He lies beside her, unties her wrists, and she falls asleep in his arms.

When finally they wake.  He takes a quick shower and leaves, kissing her before he goes.  She lies back in bed and I join her nestling up against her chest.  This is where I belong.  I know I let my jealousy get the best of me sometimes, but I can tell how much she needs him.  She seems so calm, so happy.  But then again, what do I know….I’m just the cat.


Happy Titty Tuesday, my loves.  This was inspired by a little conversation early in the morning.  Hope you at least got a little…giggle out of it 🙂

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