Blindfolded and Ready

Yesterday’s post was an email I had sent someone a while back.  Today’s post is about the  experience I had from an email I sent Friday.  Sometimes girls, you have to be aggressive to get what you want.  A lot of men have reverted to pussy footing around when it comes to us.  I completely understand considering all the stupid ways they can end up with lawsuits, etc, but it doesn’t explain to me why men I know can’t come forward and just be the men I expect them to be.  I suppose it’s because I haven’t found the ONE yet.  Enough babble.  Here are the emails that started my Friday.  I’ve been wound up, I needed to step it up.
From: GM
To: Mr. No
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 5:04 AM
Come fuck me today…I need you.
I didn’t think he would take me up on it.  We flirt relentlessly through emails, but nothing has come of it since he moved back a few months ago.
From: Mr. No
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 8:11 AM
To: GM

Subject: Re:

I’m coming to fuck you.  I’ll be there between 11:10-11:30. Be fresh and ready when I get there.  I want you naked with only a pair of sexy heels on. Your eyes should be covered. When you hear me using your bathroom I want you to start masturbating for me. Your toys should either be inside you waiting for me or on the bed next to you. Each time you cum today I want you tell me you’re cumming.

I had been at work when I sent the email.  I got home at 6a, took a shower, set my alarm for 11a, and jumped in bed for a nap.  Since I thought he would cancel, I didn’t do much preparation.  I didn’t want to waste time or get too excited.  At 11a, my alarm went off and I checked my emails.  There wasn’t a cancellation email so I started getting ready.  I have a GREAT pair of grey heels that I put on, got a few toys and a strawberry lube out in case he wanted them, had condoms ready, put on my blindfold, and laid there concentrating on my breathing.
At about 11:20a I heard my front door open.  My heart quickened instantly.  He was very quiet and with the blindfold on, I couldn’t tell where he was.  Eventually, the air changed and I figured he closed my bedroom door.  I found that amusing since I live alone.  I felt him beside me, he leaned in and kissed me deeply.  Peppermint gum…yummy.  I didn’t touch myself until I heard him go into my bathroom and start washing his hands, then I did as I was told.  I felt like he took forever to come to me.
I have never been blindfolded during sex so this was all new.  It was exciting and a little scary.  I trust him, but he has often told me he would like to watch me with someone else.  Knowing this put my mind in over drive.  What if he brought someone to watch?  What if he brought someone to have sex with me so he could watch?  I would know when I touched him if it was him, but until then, I was wondering.
He came back to the side of the bed and kissed me again.  I reached for him but was denied.  I felt his cock head against my lips and opened for him, but he pulled back.  Again he put is cock to my lips but this time I waited.  Finally he opened my mouth by gently grabbing my chin and I was able to suck on his already erect cock.  He fucked my pretty little mouth for a little while before stepping back and letting me lay there.  Still blindfolded, I didn’t know what was next.
Finally I felt him kissing my ankles, my legs, my thighs.  He slowly made his way to my clit where he nibbled and licked for what seemed like hours.  He pinned my wrists to the bed so I couldn’t touch him.  After awhile he let go and began finger fucking my pussy as he continued licking me.  I know I was moaning uncontrollably when he entered me with his tongue.  The warmth sent me over the edge and I told him I was going to cum.  He continued licking me and pumping me with his tongue and fingers until finally I gave him what he wanted and he licked me as I quivered uncontrollably cumming for him but knowing there would be so much more.
Once I settled a bit, he moved between my legs.  I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my clit.  I could tell he put on a condom, but I don’t know when he did it.  That’s how taken I was with the experience.  He teased me with his cock for a while not letting me move closer to him as I tried to coax him inside of me.  Finally he entered me full force as I screamed and clenched at his cock with my pussy.  He continued thrusting into me harder and deeper it seemed each time.  He was going to make me cum again.  I let him know I was close.  He pinned my wrists over my head after wrapping my legs around his waist and continued hardcore until again I was a quivering puddle.  He slowed as I came to the end of my climax but continued. This time he pulled all the way out slowly and re entered the same way.  My heart was beating like crazy.  He knew he was driving me crazy.
As he continued pulling all the way out, teasing me with his cock head, then pushing all the way in me. He began slowly moving the blindfold up off of my eyes.  I kept my eyes closed until I was told.   Once the blindfold was all the way up, he said, “Hi baby” and I opened them with a smile.  He asked me if he could cum now and I said please do.  He began furiously fucking me once again and told me to cum with him.  I was ready to let go and was waiting for him.  I could feel his cock grow just a little more before I felt the cum start pulsing through him and he moaned that he was cumming.  We both climaxed and fucked through it until we finished.  It was the perfect ending to something that I hadn’t been sure would even happen.
He laid there with me for a little while and then went to clean up before leaving.  After he left, I did the same…got cleaned up, crawled into bed, and slept peacefully for a few hours before getting ready to go out for the evening…but that is another post…

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