Big Announcement

No I am not pregnant and no I am not engaged!  Sheesh, stop being so pushy.  This is even better…wait for it…

You are looking at (figuratively) one of the newest contributors to Singles Warehouse Adult Blog where I will be posting Naughty stories for you on a weekly basis!  Singles Warehouse is a worldwide dating site dedicated to not only finding your perfect partner, but also educating you on sex, dating, and love.  It’s freaking awesome!

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join SW at the start up of the XXX Blog, so make sure you come out and show support.   I am sure you will be pleasantly suprised with all Singles Warehouse has to offer.

Check out my #SWSEXPERT interview and make sure to check back often and leave me some love so the #SWSEXPERT Gods know I am Rocking Your Face Off.

See you there soon and in case you aren’t following, hit us up on Twitter

UPDATE**** Here is is, my #SWSEXPERT debut : Careful What You Wish For




I’m a proud #SWSEXPERT !!

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