Hey Mr. SuperStar DJ!

I’m not much into the TV or Radio.  Seems like a bunch of crap on tv and the radio repeats and repeats and repeats.  But, there happens to be a local radio personality that I listen to almost every day.  He seems to have a great personality, he’s silly, and most of all I am attracted to his laugh.  Who doesn’t want to listen to someone who can make them smile during the day?

Lucky me, he likes boobs.  Yes, boobs ie breasts, tits, melons, jugs  whatever you want to call them, and boy do I have them.  Maybe I should say he is lucky since every Tuesday for at least a year, I have sent him a Titty Tuesday photo of  “The Girls”.  He is always very sweet and responds to each email.  He is also respectful and I am not sure if it’s because he has a girlfriend or it’s just him.  The funny thing is that Titty Tuesday photos used to go out to a few friends, but Mr.DJ was always the one who responded and was appreciative so he is the ONLY one who continues to get them on a weekly basis.

I remember one of the first times I had sent him a photo on a Tuesday.  I was sitting home and he came on after a song to mention that a listener sent him a lovely picture of her amazing boobs and he was going to make it his desktop photo for the day.  I giggled.  Next thing I knew I was getting text messages from my EX asking if I had sent Mr. DJ photos of my boobs!! The ex knew I listened to Mr. Dj and adored him, but how he put 2 and 2 together is beyond me.

Recently I have been a bit of a slacker…holidays blah blah blah.  To make up for missing a week of Titty Tuesday photos, I sent him an apology email with one of my naughty stories. If you have been reading, you know how graphic I can get.  When someone is new to reading stories like that, they are surprised at how the context carries.  Again, he was super sweet with his email responses and I was thrilled to see feedback.  I don’t get much feedback on the stories so I am always unsure how the real response is.

BUT, the best thing ever…the thing that made my night was his Facebook post:

I was sent the most raunchy short story today staring me and the author; it was like watching a movie about my life. If my life was eating pussy like a SUPERSTAR. Holy shit I wish I could fuck one third as well as my fictional version.

AWESOME! I would say that story was a hit!  Made me so happy to see that response from him and better yet, to see it on his Face Book after he had left work!  I might have to send him a story one a month or on special occasions.  One of these days I need to make it to an event and actually meet him.

As for other things…I found some more interesting searches that brought people to my blog:

Am I in trouble for not texting Merry Christmas to my booty call?- This one is Spectacular!!  It’s sweet the person cares, but NO you shouldn’t have to be in ANY trouble with a Booty Call!

I asked her if I could fuck her- Oh I hope it wasn’t this guy’s first sexual encounter with”her” or I’m sure he blew it.  Hey lady, can i fuck you?  Why even ask? Just start making your moves!

And I am OUT for the day!  Everyone have a great evening.  I am going to take a babble bath and CHILL.