Now I did it.  Sir hasn’t talked to me in just over 24 hours.  I know I disappointed him by not doing my assignment exactly as he asked, but I did offer a compromise.  It was just something I wasn’t comfortable with.  I would tell him anything in the world in regards to my past, but when he wants me to write naughty about what happened before…I have a hard time.  I wrote a little spot on my shower play time for Sir.  Even took the photo he asked.  He didn’t mention either of those, he just mentioned something about the assignment and I knew he was upset.

There is only one other thing that has ever made him close himself off from me other than disobeying; getting into it with his former girlfriend that he just has to be friends with.  Our life together almost ended more than once because of his relationship with her.  I wish she would move far far away and stop contacting my Sir.  I wish he would change his address and get rid of any evidence that he lived with her.  I can’t help that anytime I see her address it hurts me.  I still have girl brain no matter how much Sir says he loves me.  He would hate that I’m even thinking these things, but I have to be honest.  He says they’re friends but he won’t bring me around her.  If I had a friend I couldn’t bring my Sir around…we wouldn’t be friends anymore.  Respect.  Sigh.  Sir would be so angry if he knew the thoughts I have about the sarcastic little bitch.  But, ooops, I better slow down because if Sir reads this I’m sure to get paddled.

Speaking of which, Sir said he bought me a new paddle!  Oh I hope it’s a nice one.  I’m sure it is, Sir always buys the nicest of things for his Kitty.  He’s travelling right now, but when he gets home I’m sure he’ll take to disciplining me pretty quickly.  I can just imagine him bending me over the bed, head and hands to the mattress.  I’m not allowed to move my hands to resist at all, I have to take every swat he issues me. The first few swats are always the hardest to bear.  The original shock to my skin and muscles really makes my ass hurt!!  After awhile, not only does my ass get warm, but that warmth spreads through my whole body.  I can feel how red I’m getting and oh it stings, but I rather like it.  It’s not so much the spanking, it’s the fact that Sir can be so Dominant over me.  Just the power alone makes me want to cum.  I’m not allowed to do that though…unless I have permission.


After Sir thinks I’ve had enough spanking, he asks me if I would like for him to fuck me.  I say, “Yes, Please Sir” and can see the little smile across his lips though he tries to hide it.  He decides how I will take his cock.  Sometimes he asks me, but for the most part, I’m told.  I’m ok with that.  I bet this time he will make sure I stay bent over the bed, maybe he’ll even use the restraints, the pretty pink ones I got, and make sure my hands stay securely behind my back while he pounds me hard.  Somehow I always end up standing on my toes, it’s a good angle for me, but he makes me stand down because he knows it goes deeper.  He can’t go that deep! I’m not as deep as he is long!!

He really has a perfect for me cock.  The head gets nice and plump when he gets aroused. The skin so smooth, when I am blowing him I just want to keep my lips right there and suck because it feels so soft on my mouth.  He doesn’t let me linger there though.  As I slide my mouth further down his cock, I always make sure my tongue is busy round and round, up and down, light then heavy pressure.  I try to stay away from his hands or he will just push my head down so he is balls deep in my throat.  That’s fine, I just like to take my time and play.  When I do get his cock all the way in, I move my tongue around his cock as much as I can.  I know one day he’ll blow his load right then and I don’t know what will happen!  Will I choke?  Will it go down smooth?  Usually when he cums in my mouth it’s over my tongue, not directly down my throat!

Guess I’m getting pretty wound up.  Sir has been gone almost a month and now hasn’t communicated with me in almost 36 hours.  Still I don’t know…was it something I did?  Or is there something else?

Kitty must have patience I guess.  Sigh.


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