After Work

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  This is the continuation of The Ride Home.  Hope you enjoy this little tidbit 🙂

We’re finally home from work and I kiss you slowly as your hands move from my waist up my body to my breasts.  You pinch my nipples and I whimper while I grind my hips on yours.  You love teasing me. You lean to me and whisper all the things you’ve been dying to do to me while you were at work.  I can’t help picturing your cock buried deep inside me again.  You reach down and tease my clit with your thumb. Instantly my back arches, I want more…

My nipples are hard, aching as your tongue flicks and teases each one.  Your fingers tease my pussy circling my clit…I beg you for more.  You slide your fingers slowly into my tight wet pussy and capture my moan by kissing me harder.  I reach for your cock but you stop me, instead you tease me by pulling your fingers from my pussy and licking my juices from them.  You lead me to another room.  I only want one thing and that is for you to fuck me till I scream! 

My pussy is throbbing, craving you and you know it.  You give me that evil look and push me to my knees.  You make me undo your pants but when I reach for your cock, again you stop me.  I’m frustrated, I want it so bad!  You tease me by stroking your precum up and down your shaft.  You keep asking if I want it and when you’re satisfied with my begging you allow me to put it in my mouth.  Your fingers wrap in my hair and pull me back so you can tease my lips.

I cry for your cock, I can’t handle this teasing.  You give it to me allowing me to lick the length of your shaft.  When I can, I lick, tug, and suck hard on the head of your cock swirling my tongue around the tip. You push your cock deeper in my mouth feeling every inch of yourself in the warm moist hole.  You thrust in and out of my throat as I look up to you, lust and love in my eyes.  I want you so bad…you pull me off of your cock before you cum….

You push me hard against the wall.  You lift me enough to tease my pussy with the head of your cock pressing against my clit now and again.  I kiss and bite at your neck as I wrap my legs around you trying to move you inside me.  You press your cock slowly into my pussy, I can barely handle it.  This is the ultimate tease.  I want all of you NOW!  You make me be patient as you savor the way my pussy stretches around your cock.  You’re so big in me I gasp the more you push.

You start to pound into me, I pull you into me and over and over your cock fills me.  I scratch down your back sending chills through you and driving your cock deeper inside me.  Our moans get louder, finally you have given up some control and let loose to your desires.  You keep slamming into me keeping me pinned against the wall so you can get deeper with each thrust.  I want you so bad!  I tell you over and over to give it to me, please baby?  I want it so bad…

I tell you I’m getting close and your force intensifies.  I squeeze your cock tight with my little wet pussy.  I can feel every beat, every twitch.  I can tell you’re close.  With one final thrust you cum deep inside of me.  Feeling your hot, thick cum fill me makes me crazy!   I spasm and quiver moaning your name as you continue to pump through my orgasm.  When we’ve both finished, you pull out a little at a time and our love drips slowly… down… my thighs.