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Hey there! I’m Melanie and I am Guiltless Miss   I am a Writer, a Gravity Tester, a Jeep Girl, and an Animal Momma. I started writing in high school, being highly encouraged by my English teacher to Write! Write! Write! I had books of awkward poetry and other notebooks of short stories.  After a long hiatus due to choosing a wrong direction, I got back on the horse and was encouraged by a friend to start a blog.

Nightmares & Naughty Dreams tend to be my specialty. I try to keep things in separate categories here on GuiltlessMiss so you can visit that which intrigues you most. If something offends you or is not your style, turn the page. #BeGuiltless  My creativity can work in mysterious ways and it’s here that I am going to try to harness it.  I will not apologize for it’s content.  I am…Guiltless Miss.  All I can promise you is that I will do my best to bring you into my world with my words.



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   Guiltless Miss Kindle Edition

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Guiltless Miss has been featured where else but in their Naughty section





One Word

This is a fun writing prompt type site that gives a word every day and gives 60 seconds to just WRITE. My entries are linked above

Online Dating University

Here’s a fun new venture that I was very surprised and honored to be a part of

Singles Warehouse

Find more Guiltless musings at the SWSEXPERTS blog spot or above under The World Over


Studio 30+

Time to get my booty in gear and start using those writing prompts to my advantage

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    1. Did I? I do wear corsets and LOVE that kinda of stuff, but I’m not remembering this off hand…OK I just went through everything and realized two things: 1. I have been slacking and need to write more 2. I did not post the putfit you are talkig about but now I am completely curious. Good luck finding it 🙂

      1. I’ve been looking through your posts too o.O Bummer! There is another blog by an awesome lady .. perhaps it is posted there. I’ll message you a link if I find it .. IT’S OUTSTANDING!

  1. If you truly want to understand love between men and women, instead of speculating. Check out Alison Armstrong at understandingmen.com , At the top of her home page she has Free Stuff, then go to listen. Very informative and funny.

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