About Miss

Every Perfect Package Comes With a Warning Label

Guiltless Miss is just a girl next door with a vivid imagination, a strong personality, and a whole lotta of secret sexy. 
Like most 30 something year old females, I take care of myself, I adore dressing up and can’t live without heels though I am just as comfortable being barefoot on the beach every day.  I strive to be creative in every way, but I also love football, four wheeling, and yes…horror movies.  All that said, I have taken the past few years and really worked on “Observing & Absorbing” the people and things around me.  I’ve learned a lot about the Girl Brain.  As hard as it is to admit, yes, I do have a Girl Brain.

What will you get from Guiltless Miss:  Creative expression of the desires within. Caution: they could be naughty or they could be nice. You’ll get to peek at the nightmares locked in the vaults of my brain.  You’ll get to see beauty and ugliness.  All I can promise you is that I will do my best to bring you into my world with my words.

If you are easily offended or do not want to read sexual content, this blog is not for you.  My creativity can work in mysterious ways and it’s here that I am going to try to harness it.  I will not apologize for it’s content.  I am…Guiltless Miss.

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