A Surprising Welcome

It has been weeks since I had sex and I am certainly not handling it well.  I feel like I am throbbing constantly, yearning for the attention I need and deserve. Everything I look at turns sexy when I am in this state, from the fruit in the produce aisle to the headboard that is begging to have me tied to it. I need to feel the touch of a lover, then I need to have the shit fucked out of me until I am begging for sleep.

Today I’m flying out to see some friends.  I need to get my mind off my pink parts and I’m hoping this helps.  All of my friends are married, so I know I won’t be getting any action.  Somehow, maybe this will ground me.  As the plane is pulling up to the gate and the seat belt light goes off, I stand, smooth the wrinkles from my skirt, and make sure the bows I tied on my strappy heels are pretty and perfect. My button down, blue blouse is doing a good job at hiding my nipples.  I always forget how chilly a plane can be.

He told me he would wait just past the gates, past security.  As I followed the herd of people towards baggage, I keep an eye out for him. He had the day off and volunteered to pick me up even though I insisted on taking a cab to the place I would be staying. I never want to burden anyone.  When finally I see him, I can’t help but giggle.  He is just as handsome as I knew he would be with so much charm in his eyes.  I always see the good in people, and this guy has a lot of good though I can’t tell him that!

I try to hide my stupid grin, he closes the distance between us and gives me a hug.  “Hi baby”, I say. Crap, he’s a good hugger.  Maybe I can catch up on a little attention even if all these guys are married.  I hug all my friends so this will be fine, I can do this!  We head down to baggage claim since the airline decided to check my bag.  On the way down, we walk arm in arm.  It’s kind of nice to be escorted through the airport.  While we wait for my bag, he stands behind me and I lean into him.  “You smell so good,” he says.  I don’t wear perfume and hadn’t used scented lotion at all, must just be me.  I kept silent as he began whispering in my ear some more.  I love the feel of his warm breath on my neck and the feel of his hands on my hips.  He’s telling me how he’s so happy I finally made it out and how I look amazing.  I try to breathe and make my heart slow down.  This is not what I expected.

I finally see my bag and he grabs it for me.  I follow him towards the exit, but then he takes a sharp right and I am taken off guard.  We head down a dark hall into an empty area near an escalator.  He didn’t say a word but took me in his arms and kissed me deeply.  There was no hiding my racing heart beat, I could barely breathe and my mind began going a million miles a minute though I said nothing.  He reached his hands up towards my breasts and unbuttoned my blouse.  I looked around wondering if we were going to get caught.  He took my chin with his thumb and forefinger and said, “No, look only at me, nothing else matters.”  Whoa.  He started rubbing and flicking my nipples while nibbling gently on my neck.  I could feel the wetness between my legs, damn I want to play.

He stepped back and smiled.  “What?” I asked.  “If I know you at all, Kitten, you aren’t wearing panties.”  SON OF A!!!!  He used the magic word and he said it with such…tone.  It was almost sarcastic when he called me Kitten, like he knew I was already wrapped around his finger.  I didn’t answer him.  Of course I wasn’t wearing panties.

His smile was killing me.  I knew I was in trouble and my pussy was throbbing more that it should be.  He pulled me close, and his fingers went beneath my skirt.  The warmth of his hand on my inner thigh as he spread my legs made me moan.  I need so badly to be taken care of.  I looked around again and he corrected me.  He pressed his thumb against my clit and I almost jumped. He laughed as he then slowly pushed his fingers inside of me, deep inside of me as my juices dripped around his fingers.  I couldn’t breathe.  I wanted to ride his fingers until I came uncontrollably.  He continued penetrating me while suckling my nipples standing there…in a dark hall…near an escalator.  Then, he stopped.  I let out a pleading moan and he laughed.  “Suck them clean,” he said as he slipped his fingers into my mouth.  I licked and sucked his fingers until he was satisfied, then he lead me from the hall though the airport.

I could barely walk, my body shaking with excitement and nervousness, I had to hold onto his arm to stay upright.  He laughed and asked if I was OK with a sly smile.  I had no words.  This is not at all what I expected and if I HAD expected it, I would have flown out sooner!  Once we got to his vehicle, he began kissing me again.  He reached down and unzipped his pants.  His cock fell towards me fully erect and so perfect.  “Road Head?” I asked.  He laughed, “Good idea but I want to feel your lips on my cock now.”

He pushed me gently to my knees and I began sucking on his hard cock.  I love the feel of it in my mouth, I love the way it responds to my touch, to my tongue.  He didn’t want to wait for me to explore it fully.  I could already taste his precum and he was pushing further into my throat.  He was breathing faster and I could feel the wetness between my legs spreading again.  He pulled out of my throat and pulled me from my knees.  He opened the vehicle door and bent me over the passenger seat.  He lifted my skirt and entered me forcefully.  I let out a wanting scream as my juices coated his thick, hard cock.  He slammed into me again and again, giving me the hard fuck I had been needing for the past few months.

I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm gripping me and told him I was going to cum. He pushed me down harder, hand to the back of my neck and fucked me hard and fast through my orgasm as my body quivered and shuddered, every muscle reacting to the release.  Once I settled a little he pulled out slowly, allowing my cum to drip down my thighs.  He turned me around and pushed me back to my knees.  “Suck me clean”, he said.  He was going to get more than clean.  I took his cock into my mouth and sucked all of my juices from him.  I took him part way into my mouth and stroked the rest of his cock as I looked up into his eyes to watch him moan through his pleasure.  He moaned loudly and I could feel his head growing preparing to cum. He shot his hot, sticky load deep into my throat coating not only my throat but my tongue and lips.  I sucked and licked him until he was clean and completely finished.

He helped me to my feet and with a little sly smile he said, “Glad you finally made it out.”  Hehe…yes, me too….me too.

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