A Stranger Gift

When they told me they had a gift for me, I didn’t think it was going to be something that would completely blow my mind.  Of course, my friends didn’t expect it either.  Let’s just say, from here on out, things will never be the same.

I had taken the summer off and as usual decided to travel to see friends a few states over.  They are a cute couple who live in a big house with enough room for plenty of visitors which they always have at one point or another.  When I visit, I try to be as independent as possible;  I know everyone has a routine and everyone needs their space. I don’t like to put anyone out.  I had rented a car and was out and about shopping while my friends finished one last day of work before our big weekend of camping and having fun.  I was almost ready to head to the house when I got a call from my girlfriend.  She told me that when I got back to the house, she and her husband had left a little gift for me in the livingroom that would be perfect to take camping with us this weekend. I didn’t think twice about it because if it was like last time, I would be unwrapping my favorite tequila when I got to the house.

I arrived at the house and backed into the driveway to unload the groceries and random party favors I had bought for camping.  I had gotten up early so I could get my shopping  done then spend the rest of the afternoon to myself just enjoying being away from home.  I knew once I unpacked the car, that I had a good five hours before anyone came home.

When I got to the door, it was unlocked.  My girlfriend was the last to leave and probably left it unlocked not knowing if I had taken the key they had given me.  I brought all the groceries into the kitchen in one trip, loading my arms up until I could barely lift them high enough to put the bags on the kitchen counter.  Once everything was out of my hands, I took a step back to breathe before unpacking it all.  It was then I noticed his legs.

As I looked through the doorway to the living room, I saw a man’s legs, strong and tan, his bare feet placed firmly on the cream carpet.  My heart skipped three beats.  Who was in the house with me?  As I walked towards the doorway, I could see more of him.  His tanned calves led up to some very nice thigh muscles and a few steps further I saw the most beautiful cock standing at attention.  What was going on?!  I entered the livingroom, and naked man looked at me with a grin.

His whole body was tanned, naked, and almost glistening as if he had just put on lotion.  He had one arm on the arm rest and the other across the back of the couch.  Good thing it wasn’t a leather couch or he might have stuck to it!  His whole body was toned, he had dark, short hair and the greenest eyes I had ever seen.  I didn’t know what to think, but he was one hell of a gift and much nicer than tequila!  Did I mention he had a beautiful cock?

I walked closer to him not quite knowing what to do or say.  The curtains were drawn so the room was cool and relaxing, though that wasn’t why my nipples were standing at full attention.  I was tingly all over just looking at him.  He removed his arm from the back of the couch and curled his finger at me.  “C’mere, come see what I have for you.  Sit down next to me, ” and he patted the cushion beside him.  His voice was like butter, smooth and creamy.  I had no thoughts, I just knew that whatever naked man wanted from me, I would give it to him willingly.

As I got closer to him, I realized just how big his cock actually was and I couldn’t breathe.  I’m not a very big girl when it comes to the love canal.  I had a feeling his cock would stretch me more than ever before.  He noticed me looking at him, but kept his eyes glued to mine.  Damn him and his green eyes.  I sat down next to him and from that moment on, my evil took over.

I leaned into him so I could feel his perfect lips against my own.  I took a little nibble on his bottom lip then tongue wrestled with him a little before leaning over and taking is cock into my mouth.  He was so warm and throbbing.  I could tell by the way my lips moved around him that he was in fact bigger than anyone I had been with before.  As I sucked him, he seeemed to get bigger.  I wasn’t able to take all of him in so I stroked what I couldn’t suck just to make up for my lack of a big mouth.

“Undress for me,” he commanded.  I didn’t hesitate.  I wasn’t shy.  I was mesmerized by the Adonis-like body in front of me and I had nothing but sex in my thoughts.  I stood before him and slipped the shoulder straps of my sundress down, slipped my arms out, and let my dress fall to the floor revealing my full breasts and very erect nipples.  I had the prettiest little pair of pink panties on that contrasted with my lightly tanned skin, but I reached down and slowly moved them down my thighs. my calves, then to the floor just to give him a little show.  The whole time, I never took my eyes off of his though I could see his cock throbbing in his hand as he stroked it.  My mouth was practically watering…or should I say, my pussy was.

“Come here and sit on my cock,” he said.  I moved toward his tanned body and straddled him on the couch, hovering above his cock.  He moved his cock back and forth against my slit, using my already dripping juices to lube me further.  His other hand went to my upper back as he pulled me close to him and took a nipple into his mouth.  He bit down hard and I gasped as I sat down on his beautiful cock taking it all inside of me without hesitation or thought.

I rode him slowly, feeling his giant cock stretch and fill me like never before.  He continued nibbling and biting on my nipples, then up to suck on my tongue as I rode him.  My moans were louder each time I slid down upon him and I could feel my eyes rolling back in ecstasy. I felt one of his hands move from my hip and back to my asshole where he finger fucked me as I continued riding his pole.  I was overwhelmed and loved every minute of it.  I lost track of time, it didn’t matter.  If my friends walked in on us, I would thank them by letting them watch as I used and abused the gift that they had left me.

He stood up from the couch with me still on his cock and laid me down on the crazy, furry rug my friends had decorated with.  He put my legs on his shoulders and thrust so deep inside of me, I thought I would squirt right then and there.  Then he pulled out, long and slow, almost tormenting me.  I cried out wanting more and he pinned my wrists above my head assuming complete control.  I couldn’t handle his teasing, and almost whimpering, I begged him to fuck me.  He laughed a deep, belly laugh and gave me everything he had.

I had no idea how long he kept us there as he furiously pumped his perfect throbbing cock deep inside of me.  Each pump took me further inside myself and I was lost in the electricity every cell in my body was emitting.  I had never been fucked like naked man fucked me.  I came multiple times, and he rode out orgasm after orgasm until I was completely spent and exhausted.  But…he wasn’t done.

He rolled me over, both of us soaked in sweat and cum.  I felt the head of his cock push between my ass cheeks, but I didn’t care.  I was exhausted and would let that man, my gift, do anything he wanted to me.  I was in heaven.  I felt his long, thick cock go full length inside of me and pump me in long slow strokes.  Our moans filled the house,  Every inch of me was on fire.  His pace quickened as he assaulted my ass and kept me pinned to that crazy, furry rug.  I felt his teeth bite deep into my shoulder and with one final thrust he filled my ass with his hot, stick seed.

I don’t remember anything after that, but I was awakened after dark by my friends.  They were both sitting on the couch staring down at me.  I woke slowly and looked up.  “Well hello there sleeping beauty, nap time?” my girlfriend said.


Her husband laughed and tossed my sundress at me.  “Get dressed, we’re going to dinner” he said.

“I don’t think I can move, and thank you so much for the gift…where did he go?” I asked.  Then I got very curious, concerned looks from my friends.  They didn’t know what I was talking about.  I explained to them what I came home to and showed them the teeth marks on my shoulder and light bruises from my fun.  They had no idea who was in their house.  Someone, most likely one of their regular visitors, had made himself at home…in my pussy and ass apparently!

I spent the evening on cloud nine.  Actually I spent the weekend on cloud nine.  We never did figure out who it was that rocked my world that day, but I swear I will never be the same after that.  Oh, and they did give me my bottle of tequila!