A Special Package-Owned

Happy Valentine’s Day my readers.  This is for you…

I woke to the sound of a knock on my door.  Seriously?  It was before 10am.  I don’t answer the door let alone talk to anyone before 10am.  There are two things worth waking early for…sex or travelling.  That’s it.  I was pretty sure this was neither.  I rolled out of bed in my tank top and baby flannel shorts, flipped my hair out-of-the-way, and went to the door.  When I looked though the peep-hole I didn’t see anything.  Sigh.  I opened the door and from around the corner stepped my UPS man.  Whoa.  I wasn’t expecting that.  He had a grin from ear to ear and  a box in his hands that looked kind of heavy.  I was expecting a security drawer for my vehicle but I hadn’t thought it was due until the end of the week.

“Can I bring it in for you?”  he asked.  I motioned him in.  Man, he was sexy as hell.  I was trying to get my brain to wake up and was beginning to be aware of the fact that I literally JUST rolled out of bed, hadn’t brushed my teeth, and probably looked like hell.  Just as I said that he said, “You are absolutely beautiful when you wake.”  Damn it.  “Shush you, I haven’t even brushed my teeth.”  Just then he took me in his arms and quieted me with a deep tongue kiss.  Strawberry.  He always has the best gum.  I sucked it out of his mouth and walked away giggling.

He followed me towards the door and detoured me to the bedroom, grabbing me around the waist and lifting me onto the bed following me down in one swift  motion.  I started giggling uncontrollably.  “I didn’t expect you today and why the heck would you think this is acceptable?  I didn’t invite you in for play time.” I said.  He took my hands from around his neck, gathered my wrists in one hand, pinned them above my head, and kissed me again.  “But I have something for you.  It is Valentine’s Day, you know.”  Oh Hell.  No, I didn’t particularly keep track of those things especially being single.  Let the couples have their fun, I was fine doing my thing until I found my “One”.  I looked at him not quite knowing what to say because I knew the answer was going to be.  “You know I am here to take care of you and I actually have a lot of time today”  he said.   Awesome Sauce.

He started kissing me again and I felt my whole body just relax.  It was so nice to be pampered and taken care of for once.  I moved to put my hands back around his neck and he slammed my wrists  down, tightening his grip.  Whoa.  My heart started racing.  “You’re mine and I’m here for you.  Love it baby, you deserve it”  he said.  Ok, no argument from me.  I was still half asleep.  He trailed his hand down my wrists as they were still above my head, down my arms and to the line between my chin and my neck.  He turned my head slightly and began nibbling at my neck.   I closed my eyes and savored every touch.  This was my heaven.

I had no stress, not a thought in my head.  I laid there and enjoyed him to the fullest.  I can’t say it was easy.  I’m usually the giver.  This guy was certainly my match.  He guided me slightly as he removed my clothes.  His hands touched every inch of me.  He found ticklish spots I didn’t know I had, sexually sensitive areas I had never known to be there.  He was everything I needed at the moment.  When finally he began kissing and nipping at my pretty pink parts,  my whole body was electrified.  I felt like I was watching  myself gripping the blankets as I tried not to moan to loudly, tried not to cum.   He licked and nibbled at my clit gently then intensifying as my breathing quickened.  He stopped.  I snapped out of my sexual trance and looked down at him.  “You better stop holding back Love, I want it all from you today.  You’re mine.  Relax, don’t hold back. Now breathe.”  

I took a deep breath, leaned back and as I exhaled his tongue entered my pussy.  I began quivering and came for him right away.  Wow.  I was beside myself.  Being able to relax enough to be taken care of was absolutely magical.  He continued pushing his tongue inside of me as he rubbed my clit harder and faster.  I couldn’t believe when he made me cum again and my legs didn’t want to stop shaking this time.  What had he done to me?!  He gave me a little break and kissed my inner thighs and down my legs as he massaged me the whole way with his strong hands.  When he got to my toes, he lightly kissed each one before coming up to lay beside me.

“Shush, don’t move”  he said, “I just want to look at you before I begin again”.   This was too good.  I felt so at peace, so protected, so loved.  I was trying not to let my thoughts take over.  The feeling I was having was the one that gets me in trouble, the one that makes me fall in love and I couldn’t allow myself to do that.  Just then he put one finger to my forehead and began trailing it lightly down my nose, to my lips.  I kissed it, wanted to take it into my mouth.  I had such a need to suck on something.  His finger kept trailing down to my throat.  He wrapped his hand around my throat and my heart quickened again.  Sometimes I wish I could hide my excitement.  “Your eyes are not to leave mine”  he said.  I snapped them open not even realizing I had closed them.  He tightened his grip on my throat a little and with both of my hands, I held his wrist.  He’s so strong.  I wasn’t trying to move him, I just needed something to hold onto.  I knew what was coming was going to be forceful. 

He slid between my legs, hand still tightened around my throat, eyes still looking into mine.  He teased my clit with the head of his cock.  I didn’t want to wait.  I moved my hips up, tried to get him inside of me but he pulled back.  “Please?” I begged him.  I gave him the best puppy dog eyes I could muster.  He cracked a smile, shook his head at me and forcefully plunged deep inside of me.  I screamed not expecting the shock of it.  “You wanted it Love, you’re going to get it now.”  He kept his hand around my throat and as he thrust into me time and time again, deeper and harder, he leaned in to growl in my ear, “You are mine, you will always be mine.  I want you to be here every time I need you and I will be here when you need me.  I am going to take care of you forever.  You’re my girl.  My precious angel and no one can touch you ever again.  You will never need anyone but me.  I will be your everything.” 

With that he thrust into me again, deep as he could go and I felt the head of his cock swell.  We both came uncontrollably, moaning, screaming animalistically, each of us shaking, our hearts racing, our juices mixing as we finished together.  He laid  on top of me encompassing me in his arms, breathing with me, his cock still inside of me.  “I love you”  he said, “Will you be mine?”  I responded breathy almost unable to say the word, “Yes, I’m your girl”.

It took us both awhile to catch our breath.  He went to the bathroom and got a wet, cool towel and wiped my skin from head to toe cooling me, giving me the chills.  He then covered me with my blankets, kissed my forehead and quietly left closing the door behind him.

When I woke I found a special package on top of my actual delivery.  It was a pretty little box with a pink ribbon.  I opened it to find a pretty little choker necklace in rose gold.  It’s the color that matches my skin the best.  On it was a heart-shaped charm edged in leaves with an engraving that said, “Owned”.   I’m still smiling.

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