A Light Punishment

Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers.  As always, here is something a bit different for you.  Stay tuned.  Thursday’s post is gripping to say the least, but for now…enjoy.

I had been bad.  I never meant to upset him, but I accidentally snapped at him in front of his friends.  I knew right away that I was in trouble.  I apologized saying I had just stubbed my toe and it was hurting, but I could see in his eyes that I was in trouble.  When we got to the house, he told me to undress and lean over the dining room table, hands behind my back until he was ready for me.  With that I knew I would be in more trouble.  Before we left for the get together I had inserted a butt plug in hopes that we could pull over somewhere along the drive home and play.  I wanted to surprise him but since I upset him, I knew he would find my need to pleasure myself as a means for more punishment.

After about 15 minutes of standing leaned over the table, he came to me.  He had brought the restraints, tied my hands to the front legs of the table and my feet to the closest legs.  My breasts and tummy were completely on the table and my ass and pussy were there open for him to use as he pleased.  When he patted my ass he noticed the butt plug, “Oh really? Pleasuring yourself without telling me?”  With that he pushed a vibrator into my pussy and not at all gently.  It was a mix of pain and pleasure.  I couldn’t help but try to wiggle a little to readjust my body, but I couldn’t.  His laugh gave me butterflies.  I wasn’t sure how much he was going to push me.  He grabbed the butt plug and twisted it then pulled it out slowly one ridge at a time.  When it was out he tossed it aside and began licking my ass, inside my thighs, then my clit all the while pressing the vibrator in and out of my pussy.  He stood up and I could feel the head of his cock pressing at my ass.  He reached down, turned up the speed on the vibrator, then pressed his cock balls deep into my ass.  I moaned loudly feeling him stretch me and he paused just to let me get used to the fullness I was feeling.

I tried standing up on my toes a little but couldn’t.  Again he laughed and began reaming my ass with hard fast stokes.  I yelped at each inward thrust and tried to wiggle but couldn’t.  I could feel myself getting warmer, my pussy getting wetter.  I wanted so badly to reach down and play with my clit, but I was tied.  Besides, this wasn’t about me.  This was all for his pleasure since I upset him.  He must have read my mind because he reached one hand down and began stroking me.  My whole body was quivering and I was clenching his growing erection with my ass, trying to distract myself from cumming.  If I had my orgasm before him, I would be in so much more trouble and I did not want that!

I bit my lip to try to stifle the moans of pleasure and pain, but to also distract myself from the orgasm growing within my walls.  I was so full.  The vibrator had been turned to full speed and he was fucking me harder and deeper than before.  He was definitely angry with me.  He began going faster and I could feel his breath on my back.  His fingers gripped into my hips and I felt the throbbing double as his climax neared.  He pushed deeper one more time and pumped my ass with hot cream…pump…pump…pump.  I could barely breathe.  “Cum for me,” he said and I let loose immediately exploding with climax.  I could feel my juices squirt around the dildo and down my thighs.  Tears of relief filled my eyes and I couldn’t say a word as he continued fucking my ass until we were both completely spent.

He slowly pulled out of my ass and removed the dildo from my pulsating pussy.  Both of our juices ran down my slit warm and calming.  Suddenly I felt empty and more tears streamed down my cheeks.   He walked away from me and I whimpered.  When he returned he placed a cool towel to my pussy and I yelped.  I wasn’t expecting it.  I got chills as he tenderly cleaned me, kissing me along the way.  When he was finally satisfied, he untied me and kept an arm around my waist to help steady me on my weak and shaky legs.  He led me to the couch and sat me down.  With his hands framing my head, he kissed away my tears and said, “I am no longer upset with you.  You’re my good girl.  Always.”  He took me into his arms and I fell asleep in the protection of his embrace.