6: The Attic (The House)

Standing beside me, looking as handsome as he did in his 30’s is my dead, cheating husband.  I try to scream, but am frozen.

“Beverly, why did you do it?  You couldn’t leave well enough alone?”

Tears start to form and I try my best to hold them back. “THIS is the bitch?  This woman living in MY house..”

“Our house,” he corrected me.

“Don’t you DARE! You walked out on me for HER, and now she is here…in my house?!”  Not only did he rip my heart from my chest, he tore it to pieces and threw it away like it never mattered at all that day he walked out the door in October.

“She wasn’t at her house yet, Beverly, not when the fire started.  You killed me, and the housekeeper.  You burned her house down.  Where else was she supposed to live?”

“You invited her here, didn’t you John.  You somehow tapped into her thoughts and told her to come here.  Why? To torment me?  To teach me a lesson?”

“I thought you had left.  I thought after the…incident you would be gone,” he said, still standing there as the bitch lay still on the couch almost comatose. “I didn’t know until I visited her in her dreams that you were here.”

“I CAN’T leave, John.  Not after what I did!!!”

The Attic

I wasn’t sure if he knew. If he didn’t know I was still in the house, maybe he didn’t realize what had happened after the fire.  I look to the woman on my couch and can’t help but lunge for her throat, only to be thrown back by such force that I hit the far wall.  Shocked, crying, I run up to the attic.  It’s the only place that is still mine.  The only place she hasn’t been and can’t get into.  I have to decide what to do to get them out of my house!!

I hear his footsteps following me as she gasps for breath on the couch.  I’m sure she is wondering what the hell happened.  He doesn’t need to use a key or pick a lock.  He comes right into my attic, my space.

“Oh Beverly! You didn’t! Oh my God.”

Part 6 of a series: The House

Originally Published on: September 6, 2014