3’s A Charm

Hello there readers!  I think I have decided to make this a 3 part story.  Fitting right?  Not sure if it will continue on Titty Tuesday or Saturday but it will continue.  Enjoy part 1!

It had been a long time since I hung out with this certain married couple but they invited me to Mexico for the weekend and since I had nothing better to do, I agreed.  When we used to go previously, I would just stay in their trailer with them; there was always plenty of room.   This day I was supposed to meet them at their place and we would all ride down together in the truck.  The truck was huge which made it easy for me to stretch out in the back.

Once we had everything packed into the bed of the truck and tarped, we headed off on our journey.  My friends are very aware of my sexual nature and know I had been writing stories.  They also agree with everyone who says I have a “radio voice” so about halfway to the border they asked if I could read one of my stories.  From the back seat,  I accessed my stories on my phone and gave it a whirl.  Neither of them had ever read my stories so I wasn’t sure what kind of reactions to expect.

I could hear tiny giggles from the front and every once in a while I got a question from one of them that threw us all into fits of laughter.  I think it was a bit of nervous energy setting us off.   We were all thinking about how, in a few hours, we would be getting the chance to try out these things. Sex was on all our minds. I was wet and there was no denying it. I asked if I should continue with the stories and they excitedly cheered me on.

I continued reading, doing my best to keep a calm tempered voice even when simulating written orgasms.   Comments of “That sounds interesting” and “I never thought of doing it that way” and even “Ooh, that sounds good” were frequent. Once, while checking the rear view mirror, I saw my Husband friend wink at me.  I tried not to smile too big.

Us ladies were dressed in light sun dresses for the hot summer day. Expecting sex,I knew neither of us were wearing panties. We had all discussed our fantasies before and one of Husband’s fantasies was to have two redheads in his bed.  His wife had long thick red hair and though I consider mine auburn, my freckles and complexion always get me compliments about being a redhead.

I watched as Wife undid her seat belt and slid closer to the driver side. She put her left hand on his thigh, and then slid it up over his shorts. Glancing sideways at me, she gave me a little smile and licked her lips as her hand slipped under the leg of his shorts. A groan slipped uncontrolled past his lips.

“Hey, what are you two doing up there?,” I said with a grin.  “It’s hard when I’m being distracted,” he said. “Yeah, it’s hard alright,” Wife reported. I was now looking over the front seat and saw where Wife’s hand was.  I was just wondering when I would get something nice and hard to play with when Wife said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get some.”  I could see how big and hard he was through his shorts and all I could think about was how much I wanted it.  When Wife took her hand from his pants, I could see it glistening with precum.  She saw that I noticed and licked it from her fingers to tease me.  My heart was racing I wanted it so bad!

I must have been flushed because Husband looked in the mirror and said, “Feel free to…entertain yourself back there”  I giggled and knew I was blushing after that.  I wasn’t sure I could masturbate with the two of them trying to watch me.  “I think I can wait,” I said, “Can you handle it if I read some more?”  The giggles from the front were a clear YES in my mind.  I found a couple more stories and using my best “radio voice” laid them on thick.

By the time we got to the trailer we were all horny and flustered.  We got out of the truck to stretch our legs before unloading…literally. We grabbed some of our stuff from the bed of the truck and went into the trailer.  It took a second to adjust our eyes to the darkness but once Husband found the lights, “Ooops” he said.  I looked over to see a giant dildo on the table and broke out into hysterical laughing.  He turned three shades of red before Wife went over and threw it in the drawer.  “You should leave it out for ambiance,” I said.  Again hysterical laughing from all three of us.

We decided to let the tension build a bit more and head out to the beach and cantinas after we changed into bathing suits.  I took my two piece out of my bag and looked at the other two who were rummaging through their things.  Being a master at changing in front of people, I decided to just change there while they were busy.  They didn’t mind that I was there obviously because wife stripped down to put her bathing suit on and so did Husband.  I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Husband.  Sure enough he had a beautiful erection.  It was literally pointing at the sky and glistening in precum.

I wasn’t too surprised when Wife sank to her knees and kissed the head of Husband’s cock.  I wasn’t sure if I should be watching but they weren’t paying attention to me.  I watched as wife licked his shaft, around the crown of the head of his cock, then opened her lips to take him deep in her mouth and throat.  I knew he was probably on the brink of cumming as soon as he felt her hot, moist, tongue touch his throbbing cock and I was actually happy she was taking care of him.  It just meant he would last longer later.  Wife looked up to him and I could see the grin on her face, he was close.  I imagined him throbbing against my tongue instead of hers.  He looked over at me right at that moment as he squirted into Wife’s mouth.  She swallowed eagerly as he pumped more into her.  Once he finished he took his cock from her and sat on the bed as she licked him clean.  When she finished, she looked up to him and said, “Thank you”.  He kissed her and they continued dressing for the beach.

I was dripping with cum myself at this point but focused on my breathing and tried to distract myself with the things around me.  After a few drinks at random cantinas and shopping in a couple little stores, we were ready for some beach time.  As we headed down the path to one of the quieter beaches, Wife leaned into Husband and whispered in his ear.  I cocked my head to listen in to no avail.  I watched as a smile crept onto his lips.   She then turned from him and said, “There are a few things I still need to do in town, you guys go to the beach and I will see you back at the trailer.”  Hmmm…. OK.

When we got to the water and organized out little spot we looked at each other for a minute.  Husband said, “Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”  I giggled, “Is that a challenge?”  It wasn’t hard to take off the little we had on but as the sun began to set there was a nip in the air…or two.  My nipples were hard and very happy to let Husband know they were there.   I saw him looking and just laughed.  “I dare you!” I said.  With that he let out a low sexy laugh, grabbed me faster than I expected and before I knew it one of my nipples was in his warm mouth while the other was being rubbed with his hand.  When I remembered to breathe, I took in a big breath and he stopped.  “Breathe,” he said with a grin.  I pulled away from him and ran to the water with him close behind.

He came to me quickly kissing my lips with his cock pressed between my legs for me to straddle.  I shuddered with excitement wanting him inside of me.  He pulled me up with his strong arms and I wrapped my legs around him.  I almost came as soon as I felt the tip of his beautiful erection touch my slit.  He entered me so easily with the water lubricating every inch or each of us.  He continued lowering me slowly onto him and I felt every inch until he was full inside of me.  His tongue searched for mine and he sucked it, sucked my lips with gentle nibbles, and bit into my neck as I kept my legs wrapped around him riding his cock.  He put his hand around the back of my neck and I let my control go completely to him.  He was in control.  “Oh god, oh my god.”  He felt so good as my tits bounced against his chest with the rhythm.  “It’s perfect, it’s fucking perfect. I love you deep inside me. Fuck me, please, fuck me hard. Oh please fuck me.”

His perfect pulsing cock inside my creamy hole began to piston up and down at a greater speed.  The water made everything feel so much more alive.  Nothing was in our way and our bodies were completely lubricated by the warm ocean water. “Oh my god, oh oh oh oh, god,  oh yeah” I was unable to be quiet even if I tried and was completely ready to squirt for him and let my juices be consumed by the water around us.  With that, my muscles tensed, and I was lost in my orgasm.  I tried controlling it but there was no way.  I was too over the top and ever fiber of my being was his.  I was his rag doll and he held me onto him in that water as I rode out my orgasm.  He was amazing as he coordinated both of our bodies slamming deeper inside of me, embedding his throbbing member as deep as he could into my waves of orgasm.  I could feel him push further than before and felt his body quiver with mine emptying himself of his hot sticky cum and filling me completely.  As we continued there as one body, allowing our tremors from the climax pass, he kissed me so softly over and over again.  I could have fallen asleep in his arms I was so content.  Once we settled, we separated ourselves from each other.  He said, “We should head to the trailer, Wife is waiting for us”.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the trailer, but the three of us together was going to be fun…though I couldn’t imagine it being better than what I had just had….

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