Freshly Fallen

It wasn’t the sight of it that bothers her, it is the sound.  That initial crunch then the squishing as the spear goes through their brains and blood starts gushing out is what turns her stomach.  It’s the sound that has her on the brink of tears each time she kills one.  Of course, there was Read More

1: The Entryway (The House)

He’d confessed everything that late October night before walking out for good.  Now here it was April already, and this woman had arrived at the very same door he had walked out. Dressed to the nine’s in her designer high heels, pencil skirt, and fashionable pink, sleeveless top, I had to wonder if perhaps she had just Read More

2: The Bedroom (The House)

It took nearly 2 weeks to move all of her belongings into the house.  I thought it would never end. Everything had a place and everything had to be handled with the utmost care.  At least that is one thing I like about her. But right now, right this moment, I despise her. Peeking through Read More

3: Conversations (The House)

There are little things that are really confusing me lately.  I hear her talking to herself, but more and more it seems like she is talking to someone else.  It is as if she has conversations with someone: asking questions, giggling at times.  Some days she seems so happy, and others she has a touch Read More

4: The Porch (The House)

Sitting here on the porch watching her in the garden is the best entertainment I’ve had in months.  What is she doing out there?  It’s more than obvious that her hands have never touched dirt let alone the soil of the land.  I must say, each time she reaches to wipe the sweat from her Read More

5: Discovery (The House)

“JOHN!!!” The scream woke me, but was that my voice…or hers? “JOHN!! NO! JOHN!! Oh My God!!” Hers. As I run downstairs to see what the bitch is screaming about, 100 things pass through my thoughts.  But mostly, why is she calling THAT name? The name of my dead, cheating husband? I can feel the Read More

6: The Attic (The House)

Not only did he rip my heart from my chest, he tore it to pieces and threw it away like it never mattered at all Read More

7: As Fate Would Have It (The House)

Hanging here, listening to the ceiling boards creak, rope tightened around my neck, all I can do is look at John with tears streaming down my cheeks. “Tell me you didn’t, Beverly! How could you do this to yourself?!” “You left me John.  You left me for her.  After I set the fire, I got Read More

Making Your Books a Reality

Reading some of your favorite BDSM romance novels is a really great way to escape, but it’s also a great way to expand your sexual horizons. They allow you to learn about new toys, methods, sexual approaches and really push you to explore your sexuality in your mind. However, the best part is you can Read More

Top 18 signs that you were dating sociopath!!

If you have been in any relationship whatsoever, you should read this: Top 18 signs that you were dating sociopath!!.  Do you know if your relationship is actually healthy?  Most of us don’t realize we are in a toxic relationship until it is over and we have healed, or…our friends finally gang up on us and Read More

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