Even With Sex…

…there are Exceptions To The Rule. Yep, it’s Thursday and YESSSS I know it’s later than usual but I have been occupying my time with some very fun conversations lately and I’m sure you would approve. Anyway Lovelies, click the link below and head over to Singles Warehouse to read a bit of a fantasy…at least for Read More


It was the way he took me on that rooftop that made me think he could be that guy for me.  He was restraining himself to an extent, but when the time came, he was completely and fully mine and I was his.  It didn’t matter that there were people milling about on the grounds Read More


Posted on Literotica, January 27, 2013 is one of my stories from the Naughty section: Bittersweet Kind of sad…but still very sexy. Feel free to go over and comment. You can even do it anonymously if you’d like. Read More

Can You Handle Some Hot Water?

It’s another day and I had an A-HA moment, so I wrote you a little story 🙂 C’mon now, you know how excited (ahem) I get to share my truth and fantasies with you! Head on over to Singles Warehouse to read Hot, Hot Water. Let’s just say…it’s part one of two.  You know I Read More

Sitting Here

So it’s 1:00 am and I really should try to sleep, but I’m wide awake.  Sitting here. I do have a story I should write…the problem is I’m sitting here thinking of all these scenarios and it’s getting me horny as hell.  I have no idea what to do.  How am I going to get Read More

Oh It’s About to Get NAUGHTY!

Did you read Part one of the Playtime series?  The Sweetest Playtime is part one of a two part…possibly more part, story.  Oh sure, it starts off calm, but you know there is always a calm before the storm! Now the next task is to read part two, Playtime Turns Naughty. Now don’t you dare Read More

Yep, It’s Sweet

Ever have that one friend that you have always been curious about but did nothing with? Well guess what? More than likely they have been curious about you, too!!  someone needs to make a move, damn it!  So, here you go. The Sweetest Playtime just posted over on Singles Warehouse.  I hope it will combat some Read More


“I want you to kill me,”  he said. I looked at him, expressionless, not sure if he was serious.  After a year of knowing him, I still had trouble reading him at times.  Sometimes he would say the most outrageous things just to entertain himself with my extreme gullibility. “I’m serious.  I’ve had enough.  The wife and I are…well, Read More

Could It Be Magic?

Did you know that I have a Magic Pussy??  I do!  Welcome back, my Loves 🙂  boy do we have a lot to catch up on! Now, let’s get back on track and get your minds BACK in the gutter where they belong.  Run your happy little selves over to the Naughty Section of Singles Read More

2012 in review

Well hello there!  Lookie what I found! The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for the Guiltless Miss blog and I thought I would start 2013 off right with at least a little bloggie post 🙂 Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got Read More