Emergency Lane

When I saw the lights come on behind me my heart began to race.  I suppose it’s a normal reaction, but since the authorities in my area tend to like to pull people over just to “check on things”, I should be accustomed to the feeling by now.  Hell, I haven’t been issued a ticket Read More

Thursday’s Ride a Cowboy

Well after an interesting conversation at the bar with an adorable cowboy,  I couldn’t help but get a little dirty and write a story.  He was super sweet like a puppy dog and kept saying how needy he was, but I saw his eyes.  There was evil in there that needed released.  Mmmm…I hope I see him Read More

Bound For Pleasure

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK I peek from around the kitchen wall to see her open the door for him.  He’s tall- taller than anyone else I have seen.  He greets her on tip toes with a hug as he walks inside and I hear her little voice, “I missed you.”  He hugs her tighter before she leads him to the bedroom.  Read More

Captive ‘Continued’

Trust me my loves, begin reading part one: Captive… “Oh fuck yes baby!!  Oh fuck, oh God…mmmm,” I moaned and screamed as he pummeled me with his fingers, fucking me with such depth that I couldn’t wait to have the rest of him inside me.  With that thought, my body began to shake then release.  I let go and Read More

Thursday-I Hate You

For some reason I can easily tell my friends that I love them, it’s true, I do.  But the words that come to mind when I have no words at all are “I Hate You”.  It’s a mix of frustration, flustration, and whatever other “ation” you can think of to match. Generally it comes out Read More


I have no idea how long I have been handcuffed here, but I’m starting to get worried.  I must have passed out for a while.  If I could kick myself for not having a cuff key with me I would, but it’s not quite that easy when I’m on my back on the floor of a van. Read More