Winning The Battle on Thursday

Today’s post on Singles Warehouse is called Winning the Battle . this was FUN!! I didn’t know how it would turn out.  I was at work one night trying to think of a story line and feeling very uninspired.  One of my coworkers and I were chatting and I said, “I should write from the viewpoint Read More

Thursday’s Dirty Little Secret

Like I said last week, I am going to try to do something new.  I want to tell you what inspires my Thursday stories then link them for you. This one is just trouble.  As I sat here feeling uninspired and frustrated I was bound and determined NOT to give up.  I’m not a quitter, Read More

Booty Call-iquette When You’re Single and Dating

Single Dating Diva is just a gem if I do say so myself and her Booty Call-iquette hits the nail on the head. Since most of my Titty Tuesday posts are about Booty Calls, I think we should set some ground rules 😉 When you’re finished, head on over to her blog and check out Read More

Friendly Skies

It was the last half of the flight from Houston to Auckland and almost every passenger was asleep.  The lights in the Boeing 787 were dimmed and the cabin was only illuminated by the soft rainbow LED lights.  The design of the Dreamliner meant a quieter cabin, but I wasn’t sure I could keep it that way.  Read More

My Thursday Idea!

Wooooo!!!  Another Naughty story is up called Friendly Skies !  Go check it out on Singles Warehouse 🙂 Here is my idea.  Since every Thursday I post up a link here to get you over to SW, I decided that I will provide you with the back story, the insight if you will, to the story Read More

The Lunch Date

It was supposed to be just a lunch date.  Seemed innocent enough.  He wanted to buy me the drink he promised months ago and needed to vent about his current situation.  I’m all about helping my friends, and a little lunch and a drink is the perfect way to break up the monotony of a Read More

Come Get Some!

Hi all!  Yes I know I know…I didn’t post on Titty Tuesday BECAUSE I have been wrapping my head around something that is befuddling me tremendously.  It’s a mix of Girl Brain and guys being dumb.  I promise I will share all this with you soon. BUT In the meantime go check out When You Read More

When You Come

When you come it’s going to be short and sweet.   Well maybe not so sweet…it’s going to be nasty.  Very Nasty.  We’ll never forget it and we won’t ever regret it. When you come I want to be sucked.  I want to be fucked.  I want to be filled.   We’ve talked about it Read More


Posted on Literotica, September 2, 2012 is one of my stories from the Naughty section: Three’s A Charm Another contest submission!  This was a 3 part story at first. Feel free to go over and comment. You can even do it anonymously if you’d like. Read More