Posted on Literotica, August 30, 2012 is one of my stories from the Naughty section: Special Delivery Sex with strangers…sometimes it’s worth the risk to have a little thrill in your life! Feel free to go over and comment. You can even do it anonymously if you’d like. Read More

Read Guiltlessly!

Hello Readers! I’m trying something new & posting from my phone so hopefully its not too funky.  Have you been keeping up with your Guiltless Reading?? Here’s my post to Singles Warehouse for today called The Power of No. I think you’ll like it. Just remember this boys, never…NEVER say no to sex! If you Read More

Do Not Disturb

I arrive at his hotel room calm and cute,  as usual.  I take a deep breath and knock lightly on the door.  I notice he’s already put the Do Not Disturb sign on the knob.  There’s a brief pause and the door opens.  He’s taller than I expected and he has this grin that tells me Read More

Thursday Funday?!

I have to first pimp my Thursday post over at Singles Warehouse.  It’s called A Surprising Welcome. It’s just a little sumptin’ sumptin’ to keep you going while I kick my little devious brain into overdrive. Today is a big day for me.  I’m going to the post office to pick up my HALLOWEEN costume! Read More

Steamy Inspiration

I wake to the sound of the shower running.  I half want to just lay here, but the other half of me wants to join him.  He kept me up all night pounding me raw, least I could do is treat him to a special shower.  I’ll lay here just for a minute and let him Read More

Yes, Another One!

Hello There Readers! Yes, it’s time for another story.  head over to Singles Warehouse and read my SWSEXPERT post called Inch By Inch . I think it may become a little series of sorts.  I kind of like James’ style! I was invited to be on of the Singles Warehouse editors and I am pretty excited Read More

The Golf Course

Seriously?  I can’t believe I am stupid enough to go rescue him again.  If he wasn’t so damn adorable, I would probably just ignore his drunk texts and hope he found someone else to shuttle him home every time he found himself drunk somewhere.  Of all the places to be off to tonight, I have Read More

Something Sweet

Here’s a little something sweet and a little different for you on Titty Tuesday, Readers.  My regular Thursday post over at Singles Warehouse posted today, so I am going to link you over there.  The newest one is called “Girl Next Door”.  Check it out and tell me you Love me.  You don’t have to be Read More