Taste Testing-Part 1:The Struggle For Power

Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers!  I’m feeling feisty.  This is going to be a multiple part story and honestly I don’t know how long I can wait to write the next chapter.  Stay tuned, I may surprise you 🙂 I’m not sure how I got roped into this, but I’m going to do my best to enjoy it.  Read More

Taste Testing-Part 2: Pushing Further

Happy Titty Tuesday, Lovers!  Here we go, Part 2 of Taste Testing.  Have you read part one yet?  Do you want the full effect, or are you going to half ass it?  Get on it! Taste Testing, Part 1. Done? Ok, good job, not let me get you wetter….I’m feeling the need to tease… “What is Read More

Guiltless Promoting

Well hello there!  Yes I am here and I’ve been neglecting you…kind of.  I really felt knocked down after my friend disowned me, but we emailed back and forth and I think it’s worked out for the most part.  We may never be exactly the same, but we’re ok. Part of  the reason I haven’t posted anything Read More

Naughty Debut & Randomness

Tonight is the night, Readers!  I will be debuting a Naughty guest post on the adult only site Naughty Nothings.  Check out my post tonight and make sure to look around at the other lovely stories.  Jewels had some amazing tales come her way that I am sure you will enjoy! Since my Guiltless Naughtiness Read More

It’s Who I Am

The people who surround me know that I’m a freak, but the majority of them have no clue as to the extent of it.  I’ve been told that I “ooze sexuality”.  Sounds gross, huh?  It’s not.  There is just something about my personality that brings out the fun in people, it brings out their inner sexy beasts, and most Read More

My Heart Seeks The Dream

I know that I always write about being dominated;  I always write about rough sex, but I gotta be honest…I do like some sweetness.  I am just like most other girls, I do like to be treated like a princess.  I like holding hands, I like random forehead kisses, I like to look up from the Read More

A Stranger Gift

When they told me they had a gift for me, I didn’t think it was going to be something that would completely blow my mind.  Of course, my friends didn’t expect it either.  Let’s just say, from here on out, things will never be the same. I had taken the summer off and as usual decided Read More

Breakfast and a Delivery

Happy Star Wars Day my loves! May the Fourth be with you 🙂  Yes I am a bit of a geek sometimes.  I’m posting a day early just because this little bit happened to come flying out of my keyboard.  Enjoy it, readers… It doesn’t matter if I had a full apartment set up in my former Read More

Sterling Experience

Hi lovelies!  Happy Titty Tuesday.  Here is a sweet little daydream that we could share.  What do you think… I learn the hard way.  I always do.  Today I learned that even if I absolutely know not to tap the brake when I get a flat tire, I will probably still do it.  Bad decision.  Amazing Read More