The Attempt

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers ūüôā¬† Here’s a little something special and different for you.¬† My Guiltless fantasy brain is starting to work overtime for you…enjoy. I’d never done anything like¬†that before, but I was at a point where I didn’t care.¬† I had a void…a hole in my life and I was trying to fill Read More

A Surprising Welcome

It has been weeks since I had sex and I am certainly not handling it well.  I feel like I am throbbing constantly, yearning for the attention I need and deserve. Everything I look at turns sexy when I am in this state, from the fruit in the produce aisle to the headboard that is Read More

Cake: For Having AND Eating

Who says I can’t have my cake and eat it, too? ¬†You wonder what I want? ¬†Well, I have been thinking about some things that I have now being single and things I feel I am missing being single. ¬†You have to understand that in my previous relationships I lost a LOT of myself. ¬†I Read More

3’s a Charm-The Climax

Happy Sexy Saturday my loves! ¬†Here, finally, is part 3 of my little story for you. ¬†If you missed Part 1¬† or Part 2, check them out so you can experience the whole sexy extravaganza. ¬†And now for the good stuff…enjoy! I began to doze off….calm, happy, and¬†completely spent. ¬†At least that’s what I thought… Read More