3’s A Charm

Hello there readers!  I think I have decided to make this a 3 part story.  Fitting right?  Not sure if it will continue on Titty Tuesday or Saturday but it will continue.  Enjoy part 1! It had been a long time since I hung out with this certain married couple but they invited me to Read More

3’s A Charm- Part II

Happy Saturday Lovelies!  It’s time for part 2 of our little adventure.  If you haven’t read part 1, go check it out.  3’s A Charm.  Enjoy…. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the trailer, but the three of us together was going to be a fun adventure…though I couldn’t imagine it being better than Read More


I have a new friend I talk to on a daily basis.  He’s not local and, yes you guessed it, he’s married.  Go ahead, shake your head because I am shaking mine.  I don’t know how this happens.  Either way we have been chatting for well…let me look…March 6…22 days.  Wow.  Seems like a lot Read More

I Have To Be Strong

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  This was inspired by a couple recent texts, but oh it took off from there didn’t it?  Enjoy it my loves…. “It’s not our fault that we’re amazing together.”  Really?  I’m supposed to cave in and forget that he left me hanging because we click sexually?  No.  I have to be strong.  “You make Read More

Sweet Torture

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Loves 🙂  Here’s just a little something for you.  Oh how I hope I find some inspiration for some amazing stories soon!!   You couldn’t possibly understand.  I’m probably the only girl in the world who thinks about sex all the time, but can’t get off on her own.  Well I Read More