The Perfect Stranger

I met him on an adult dating site.  When I say adult, I mean ADULT.  It was one of those site where people freely posted photos of their…parts.  It wasn’t always the prettiest of sites, but I actually did meet a couple of decent people on there.  One guy in particular interested me when he friended Read More

Wish You Were Here

 Sometimes readers…you have to take care of things yourself. I can’t wait any longer.  It’s been weeks since you’ve been home.  I know you told me I’m not allowed to touch my toys but I can’t handle it anymore.   I don’t know what else to do.  I need some release. When I hear your voice Read More

Challenge Accepted

Happy Titty Tuesday Babies,  This literally just manifested within me.  Do you think I have some pent up energy?  Enjoy! From: Guiltless Miss To: Master Subject: Challenge Accepted You didn’t think I would do it did you?  You should know better than to challenge me.  I’ve become your little pet and have settled into letting you Read More

The Mystery Man

Happy Saturday, Readers!  As Dude was texting me the other day at Ikea, I was having a little fantasy.  I couldn’t tell him, but I can tell you…enjoy, my loves.   “I can make your body melt like chocolate on a hot summer day” he text.  Pffft.  I liked the thought, I loved the ego, but I highly Read More

A Special Package-Owned

Happy Valentine’s Day my readers.  This is for you… I woke to the sound of a knock on my door.  Seriously?  It was before 10am.  I don’t answer the door let alone talk to anyone before 10am.  There are two things worth waking early for…sex or travelling.  That’s it.  I was pretty sure this was neither.  I Read More

The Texts That Get Me Wet

I decided you should see the texts I was getting last night as I was trying to writ emy post.   They are yummy 🙂  They are from the guy I was with in And The Cum Score is 12-2!  Enjoy! Him: What’s shakin sexy? Me: Not much crazy busy night so far. how are u. Read More

The Thrill of Secrecy

Happy Saturday Readers!  Here’s a bit from my daydream today.  Sometimes you can look but you can’t touch.  At least I bring my fantasies to life here.  Enjoy 🙂 Usually once a month I take myself on a date.  I find something new to do and then end the night in a movie theatre.  Sometimes it’s Read More